Citibikes Gone From Clark Street Station In Brooklyn Heights

BHB contributor Teresa Genaro noted this afternoon that the Citibike stand at Clark and Henry Streets had been removed.

Citibike says it’s due to ConEd work in the area:

UPDATE 4/10/14 from Citibike:

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  • JQB

    There was some construction work on the opposite side of the street. By removing the bikes, traffic could get by.

  • bongo23

    Even as a fan of the Citibikes, I did find it an odd location for the racks, especially with all the sidewalk real estate outside of Gristedes. Presumably, Cadman Tower’s denied the placement. Clark Street is already narrow enough without the racks, and the egregious church parking on Sundays to deal with.

  • elemengee

    That’s great! I’m not a fan of Citibikes so the fewer bike stands there are the better for us pedestrians and cars. In any case, that was an awkward spot for the bike stand with people exiting the subway and wanting to cross over to Ozu or Tazza.

  • bongo23

    Try to contain your short-lived glee. They’ll be back.

  • Eddyde

    Cadman Towers couldn’t have “denied the placement”. The City has eminent domain over the use of sidewalk space.

  • petercow

    In other words, “jaywalkiing” and would LOVE to hear how it’s “awkward” to walk through the Citibikes, versus parked cars?

  • Banet

    Um, Peter is right. First of all, it’s much easier to walk through the usually partially empty bike rack than between parked cars. Second, it’s much easier to see deadly oncoming traffic (and for them to see you) through the bike rack than through parked cars. So bottom line elemengee, your point simply doesn’t make sense.

    Also, this rack was *perfectly* placed, right at the exit of a subway station. Data analysis has shown that a huge part of the use of the system is for what’s known as the “last mile” — people using the bike system in conjunction with the subway system. There should be a bike rack at EVERY subway station.

  • Banet

    Agreed, there’s more than enough sidwalk space in front of Gristede’s. Not sure why they didn’t place it there. As an added bonus, the additional sunlight there would mean the batteries on the docking station would last longer. Maybe they’ll move it?

  • Teresa

    For what it’s worth, if they were outside Gristede’s, they’d still be right outside a subway station, just on the other side of the street at the other entrance. Not much difference.

  • David on Middagh

    Don’t the supermarkets need all that space on delivery days? The truck has to pull up on the sidewalk; the pallets have to be unloaded and stacked next to each other for a while; people need to go back and forth with hand trucks. A hurry of commuters, or a polyglot of tourists would just be in the way.

    (Please be patient while I try out some collective nouns.)

  • Banet

    Agreed. Across the street at Gristedes would have been a perfectly good placement. Better even as it would be safer on the sidewalk (not that there’s been a single accident at any dock, street or sidewalk).

    I wonder if Gristedes was eliminated as an option because of all the truck unloading they do onto the sidewalk there? Or do the groceries get unloaded elsewhere?

  • David on Middagh

    This subthread contains a veritable wannabe of city planners…

  • David on Middagh

    …I don’t exempt myself, of course.