Saved by the Internet: Brooklyn Heights Cinema Reaches Crowdfunding Goal

The Brooklyn Heights Cinema has hit its crowdfunding goal of $30,000 for new projection equipment. As of this morning, the theater has raised a little over $31,000.

BHC owner Kenn Lowy posted:

WOW! I could write that “we did it”, but “You did it!”

We cannot thank you enough for getting us over the top. Any extra money we have will go towards purchasing a few more things, a blue ray option, automation, the ability to play films directly from computers (for local film makers) and more.

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  • AEB

    This is wonderful news! Most important, it shows that local interest in the theater, to the point of offering pocketbook-support, is alive and well. No, thriving.

  • ellymay

    Wow, wonderful news!!! Good for you and good for our community.
    I breathe a sigh of relief.

  • LoveLaneLovely

    If there is anything extra, I would love it if a few dollars could be directed toward sprucing up the couches in the lobby!

  • Mike

    What would happen if they loose the space and move out?