Heights Hero Nancy Pearsall Schools St. Francis College Students on the Landmarking Of Brooklyn Heights

Heights Hero Nancy Pearsall addressed St. Francis College students this week and discussed the landmarking of Brooklyn Heights. Mrs. Pearsall, along with her husband Otis and the band of preservationists originally known at CCIC, fought Robert Moses and earned landmark status for Brooklyn Heights.

Mrs. Pearsall talks about gathering all the data about historic homes in Brooklyn Heights on index cards as well as the making of this historic map:

The map is now part of the Museum of the City of New York’s Activist New York exhibit.

One super-awesome new fact among many from Mrs. Pearsall — Clay Lancaster stopped his research for Old Brooklyn Heights at 1860 because he got tired of doing the research!

This video is a must view for Brooklyn Heights history buffs or those who’d like to learn more.

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For even more info, watch BHB pal/Heights Hero/CCIC founding member Martin Schneider and our Karl Junkersfeld’s primer “Battling for Brooklyn Heights“:

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