Citibike Rate Hike May Become Reality

While a judge laid the smackdown on 150 Joralemon Street’s suit against Citibike this week, two wheelers only had a few nanoseconds of schadenfreude to enjoy. Seems a rate hike may be in the cards for the service which is “popular but not profitable” and is “in the red” according to CBS 2:

CBS NY: At a City Council hearing Thursday night, New York City DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said all options are on the table when asked about a feeincrease.
“We are working diligently with them to try and resolve the challenges they face and seeing what we can do to strengthen the program going forward,” said Trottenberg.
“The fee is really reasonable and really cheap,” another New Yorker told Rapoport.

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  • MonroeOrange

    Needing to raise rates less than a year into the program is what a success? now whats the opposite of success….wait for it…Failure. So many people are using this, that the program can’t sustain itself with all the revenue it earned already? what are they spending the money on? Citibank sponsorship money wasn’t enough? the 30 minute daily rates and late fees aren’t enough? time for you to start to ask where your money is going for these rates that they collect…

    ………oh that’s right, as you stated before, you don’t even use the system! I guess you are part of the problem…way to throw your ‘verbal’ support behind this program, i guess that’s why they need to raise the rates…verbal support doesn’t pay the bills MR CRUSTY!

  • Alec

    $100 for an entire year is a ridiculous steal. As a rider I’d be willing to spend somewhere in the $200-300 range for an annual membership.

  • MonroeOrange

    well don’t worry, you and everyone else will have the pleasure of paying $200-$300 a year very soon…….enjoy!…oh by the way, CitiBank sponsored this program with $41m…where did that money go….for that type of money, they could have bought everyone in nyc a bike on Craigslist.

  • MonroeOrange

    ???? Citibank sponsored this program with $41m….where did that sponsorship money go to? all you citibike supporters need to start asking questions…just saying.

  • Eddyde

    You never debated anything in the first place. You merely made ridiculous, unsubstantiated statements and when asked to produce evidence of your claims, you either ignore answering or make up another silly lie.

  • Joe A

    So, that’s a no. Apparently you can’t find one article, out of the hundreds that have been written about the NYC Bikeshare program, that shares your contention that it has been a failure. Thank-you for clearing that up with your non-response.

  • MonroeOrange

    and apparently you seem to avoid every reasonable question i have for you to answer…ie..where is the money going, where has it gone?
    That is a clear sign it is a non viable ‘alt transportation’ method, aka….Failure.

  • Joe A

    Still can’t find one article that is in agreement with you? Not a single one? Wow. So everybody has it wrong except you? My, my. Either you are the most arrogant guy/gal in the world or just the dumbest. My guess is number two.

    Keep looking though, and if you find one article describing the citi bikeshare program as anything other than a raving success do get back to me spunky, ok?

  • petercow

    Yeah – MonroeOrange has the “idiot” demographic cornered.

  • MonroeOrange

    and for the 100th time on this thread alone, you haven’t answered one of my inquiries…..Once again, how is this a success when they need to raise the rates…you seem keen on pointing out how much money they have taken in less than a year…so now tell us all where this money went…just from using your stats above…

    The citibike program has earned 9.3 million dollars through rates this year, not counting daily fees to non annual memberss! let me repeat that for you, bc you obviously have never run a successful business in your life….9.3 Million in less than a year…add to that the 41 MILLION Citbank pays for the sponsorship…do you have a answer yet as to where this money is going?!

    Once again, how is this a successful program? thats 51million dollars they have raised for a program that hasn’t even gone a full year and they need to raise the rates! Keep being a sheep Crusty…oh yeah i forgot again, you don’t even use the program!

  • Joe A

    Still can’t find one article supporting your position? With all the media in NY there has not been one article which suggests that the Citi bikeshare program is anything other than an incredible success?

    So to you any company that asks for a rate increase is a failure? Guess is a failure because I just got notified that they are raising their prime rates. I guess the subways and buses are incredible failures because the MTA is always asking for rate increases. Exon, Mobile, and and every other oil company constantly raise their prices. What failures.

    The fact is riders have traveled 12.5 million miles on these bikes without it costing one penny to the taxpayers of NYC. The bike riders are extremely happy with the system. Annual membership grows every month. In one short year the NYC bikeshare program has surpassed every other bike share program in the world. Darn, they are such failures.

    Now come on MO, keep looking for some supporting articles that see the world the way you do. There has got to be one right? Maybe a high school newspaper or something. I know you can do it. Go MO go.

  • MonroeOrange

    and once again, way to avoid my questions of where the money went?…im done with you..goodbye

  • Hicks St Guy

    Put you on staff? Only to end the blog.

  • Joe A

    Still nothing?

  • james

    good point MO….. better use of funds…. not surprised Citibank was able to sneak that kind of deal with bloomy

  • Joe A

    Sneak that kind of deal? Giving the city $40M to start the bike share program? Wow, they really pulled a fast one on Bloomy.

  • Eddyde

    Wow someone almost as stupid as MO chimes in.

  • Eddyde

    1. Citibank does not run the bike share program, Alta does.
    2. Alta has to split all profits with the city, so the spaces for the docks are not “free”.

    3. All businesses, that are not subsidized, get 100% of their costs and profit from their customers.
    4. Many businesses do not make a profit in the first year(s) Price point adjustments are normal.

  • Chester Bumerfo

    Don’t care, will pay it. What will the garbage people of 150 Joralemon do about it? Vandalize first, then try the law–great strategy, losers. What a whiny bunch of boogers.