Open Thread: Is Clark’s Really The Best Diner In Brooklyn Heights?

As reported here, Clark’s (80 Clark Street) copped the Brooklyn Heights Association’s first ever “Best Diner” award at Thursday’s annual meeting. The honor was decided by BHA poll and host Tom Stewart read many heartfelt and whimsical musings from members about their experience at Brooklyn Heights diners.

But is Clark’s truly the best? Comment away!

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  • bandg

    We call it our dining room. Tasty, varied and freshly made food. Proprietors and waitstaff are all professional and friendly…can’t beat the rice pudding and split pea soup.

  • ClaudeScales

    I’ll have to find out. Somehow, I’ve managed to live here 31 years without ever eating there. Not because anyone warned me away; just never got around to it. When I first moved here in the ’80s, I was single and stayed out at nights a lot. When I did, I sometimes dropped into the Promanade Restaurant (where Heights Cafe is now) for a midnight snack. Since I got married, I don’t eat out as much. When my wife and I do, we sometimes go to Teresa’s, which is on our block. Consequently, it got my vote.

  • francesco

    I love Clark’s.
    My staff and i used to go almost everyday while busy with pre-opening operations.
    They’ve always been very nice to us and the food is consistently good.
    Over there i breath the air of a very well oiled and run machine, i think that -as a new establishment- we have a lot to learn from places like this.
    I miss Clark’s.
    francesco – Sociale

  • Teresa

    Yes, absolutely, 100%, unequivocally, unconditionally.

  • petercow

    No real maple syrup.

  • vh

    100 percent yes I grew up on this diner

  • marshasrimler


  • monty

    I prefer Teresa’s but really diners aren’t that great. The only reason I go to Clark is that my 5 year old loves it.

  • Andrew Porter

    I voted for Teresa’s, but I don’t consider it a diner—which is really defined as a place with a vast selection, frequently run by Greek owners. The Teresa’s menu is only three pages, with a sheet of specials on the front cover. I have rarely eaten at Clark’s, but they’re fine.

    They also have a lot of good photos on the walls of what was there before the building was: a church with a beautiful rose window, which moved to that location after their first site was torn down for Flatbush Avenue Extension and the building of the Manhattan Bridge.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s a photo looking toward the corner of Henry and Clark, showing the old church on the corner (and yes, I’m hijacking the conversation, turning it into a what-was-there-before direction).

  • Lou

    I’d say its best but we end eating at Park Plaza more frequently because there are never lines.

  • Lady in the Heights

    Definitely! They are so lovely and wonderful, the family and the staff. My only complaint is the coffee, though it has improved in the last year.

  • HeatherQuinlan

    Love this place, love Mark, love the staff, it’s my Cheers.

  • David on Middagh

    I want to be there when you walk in and everyone shouts, “Heather!”

  • David on Middagh

    As a former Vermonter, lack of real syrup can be a sticky point.

  • cat

    Clark’s is great for breakfast and brunch. Love the sausages. Used to go every Sunday. The food at dinner is okay but the staff can be so unfriendly, it has soured me on the whole place.

  • Ellie

    Congratulations on a well deserved award. Best sausages and the staff are friendly and efficient. They know my name, so guess I frequent Clark’s often!

  • Spectatorr

    Historically, amongst the EDNY crowd, Clark’s is considered prosecutors’ territory and Park Plaza is for the defense bar.

  • ellymay

    I am not a diner person but I went there for coffee and it was served to me in a chipped cup by a less than friendly waiter and so I never returned. But after reading some of your favorable reviews I will try breakfast/brunch “one of these days”.

  • Bearcat

    They serve a nice breakfast, but in the evening it is not so pleasant. The staff is very rigid, and when I asked for a couple of extra pickles (on more than one occasion), I was told that they couldn’t do that under management’s decision, and that I would be charged for them. This happens with anything you ask for, and that doesn’t happen anywhere else. These days, I much prefer Grand Canyon on Montague Street. Food is good and the staff is great.

  • DIBS

    Ate there twice for lunch. Both times OK.. Milk shakes are real and good. But, the hostess (owner?) made sure that some people with unruly kids made them behave. That’s worth returning for!!!

  • Alec

    meh. Cadman Plaza Diner FTW.

  • Phormyka

    They have great French toast, everything else is typical Diner Fair food. Friendly staff on weekends.

  • hicksanthrope

    Yes, hands down, the best diner. Food isn’t anything special but the family and their staff know how to run a restaurant.

  • ClaudeScales

    Has anyone had corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast there? My wife has heard they do it especially well.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Claude, you just hit on my fav dish there. I must of had that dish 60 times or more and the hash is nice and crispy. In fact, I think I will go there now and say hello to Mark and have some hash and eggs over light, whiskey down with numerous refills of coffee. (By the way, whiskey down is rye toast and I still don’t understand the connection.)

  • DIBS

    They say “whiskey” instead of rye because rye, if pronounced fast or wrong, can get confused for “white” Only in NYC

  • ClaudeScales

    Thanks, Karl.

  • Fritz

    Park Plaza as a diner – especially because of pickle and coleslaw pre meal, and the bakery. And the french fries with onion ring accompaniment. Sports bar is not that good, TV’s not well placed and too small. Teresa’s has a diner type menu but is really a Polish restaurant. Clark’s is well behind. Did they place and ad with BHA.

    Anyway, BHA is dead to me after it interfered with filming in the heights.

  • AEB

    Thank you, Fritz–at least regarding the first paragraph. The best diner in BH is the only one, Park Plaza. An eclectic menu and reasonable prices do not a diner make.