Design Within Reach Bugs Out Of Brooklyn Heights

Design Within Reach (76 Montague Street) have moved out of that location. A sign on the door claims they’ll be “relocating”.


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  • Jorale-man

    That’s a shame. I admit I never shopped there much but they did bring a much needed sense of style to Montague street.

  • Arch Stanton

    Their rent must have become, out of reach.

  • petercow

    It was never within my reach.

  • King Lou

    Not a surprise. Haven’t stepped foot in there in over 10 years. Hopefully something interesting will move in.

  • AEB

    The store never appeared to have merchandize; well, maybe a few items, here and there. It seemed to be a way station for online ordering, which one could do at home.

  • Andrew Porter

    The Brooklyn Eagle covered this months ago, and that “For Rent” sign had been up on the sidewalk shed for several months. Several times I went in and asked about their plans, and each time the receptionist told me—each time becoming more annoyed with me—that they were definitely *not moving*, that it was just some sort of ploy by the landlord. Their market, I think, was young people moving into their first apartments: the kind of crowd that is, hopefully, making a success out of West Elm’s DUMBO store.

  • Eddyde

    Yeah, I went there to buy an Aeron chair, they told me they didn’t have any in stock and while they could get it delivered to the store, it would be faster if I just ordered it from their website So I went home and ordered it online… but not from their site and saved almost $200

  • The Descriptionist

    We bought a sofa and recliner from there. DWR has these massive floor sample sales, and the best kept secret was that this location had so little foot traffic that the floor samples were pristine. But of course, selection was limited. Even so, we got 60% off our purchases and saved thousands.

  • Jorale-man

    And you’ll pay a lot less at West Elm for furniture that looks remarkably similar…

  • Lady in the Heights

    West Elm isn’t even close when it comes to quality. DWR is very expensive, but they sell very fine, classic modern furniture. You get what you pay for. If I am going to spend serious money on a piece of furniture, I want to see it first. Just ordering it online isn’t enough. DWR is more of a showroom than a retail store. I am very sad to see them go. Montague just keeps going down hill.

  • GHB

    I bough a few items there over the years. They carry top quality merchandise, and they’ll be missed. Too bad everyone complains when a store on Montague is too expensive, then they complain about all the crappy stores opening up. Does nothing make you people happy?

  • deancollins

    Design “almost” Within Reach

  • Local Neighbor

    I do know DWR re worked their concept, I think this location was too small for it. In fact a local person had a heavy hand in their new re-deisgn, Kudos to them.

    Please folks keep in mind Rents are not the only thing that dictate a business opening or closing, patronage plays a HUGE part in it, more than the rents.

    The over head for a small business to succeed is huge and if we don’t go out and support them we lose them and the only people who can afford to stay in business are the big guys.

  • Vlad

    Funny how no one seems to ever understand the name having nothing to do with price point. But just based on some of the stuff these people have opened lately I have the feeling they aren’t worried about rent prices.