Brooklyn Hospital Tries to Stay in LICH Fray with Expanded Proposal

The Eagle reports that Brooklyn Hospital (photo) has amended its earlier proposal for the Long Island College Hospital site. The Eagle story quotes Brooklyn Hospital’s press release:

The revised proposal supports community health care needs by providing emergency services, primary and specialized ambulatory services, and urgent care services. The Brooklyn Hospital Center will draw upon its collaborative relationships with key healthcare unions to preserve the jobs of LICH employees. The proposal also includes the development of much-needed affordable housing.

The story also notes that the SUNY board has yet to recognize the Brooklyn Hospital proposal.

SUNY officials at the meeting basically said they weren’t considering the TBHC proposal on procedural groups [sic; should be “grounds”], only the NYU/Fortis/Lutheran proposal.

The inclusion of an emergency room in the new Brooklyn Hospital proposal is evidently to match the scope of facilities that would be provided under the Fortis/NYU Langone/Lutheran proposal.

Image: Youngking11 via Wikimedia Commons; Creative Commons License.

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    Move forward on the contempt of court action against the SUNY board. They are clearly not looking for an operator of LICH. A condo/apartment deal with the promise of bandage clinic is not an operator. Just a way to move the conversation and distract.

    Contempt of court has been done.

    The courts must not be made fools of.

    SUNY and FORTIS are partners in crime.

  • Guest2

    “emergency room” is a misnomer. Without a hospital attached, a free-standing er cannot accept life threatening emergencies. But being able to quickly get treatment for life threatening emergencies is exactly what the issue is. Putting in an urgent care room or an er that can’t handle real emergencies does not address the issue. The mayor has consistently called for stopping hospital closures and preserving critical healthcare with vital services at LICH. And he spent a lot of time explaining those red outlined charts showing how far we would have to travel for emergency care without lich. An urgent care er does nothing to change that. Time means life or death in minutes so I can’t imagine that the mayor would accept closing LICH and replacing critical services with an urgent care room mislabeled as an er.