Which Brooklyn Heights Resident Owns One Of Nelson Rockefeller’s Old Suits?

The New York Times comes to Brooklyn Heights today as part of its Intersection video series. In this piece, long time Heights resident Irwin Susskind (who says he bought one of Nelson Rockefeller’s old suits at a thrift shop) and others talk about their sense of style.

So does that make Susskind our own version of Macklemore?

The NYT piece focuses on Brooklyn Heights as a place with a “Refined Vintage” look. The three people profiled are engaging enough—and they didn’t just stick to youngsters—but repeated shots of Tango and Housing Works made it feel like not a lot of new territory was unearthed. Still, it’s good to see the neighborhood profiled about something it’s not usually known for. Watch the video and let us know what you think. Now if only they’d covered the 5am look of those who come into Happy Days hungry for eggs after a night of debauchery—THAT’S a story.

– Heather Quinlan contributed to this post

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  • George

    Irwin seems like a cool guy, but those first two are insufferable.

  • AEB

    Style in Brooklyn Heights? A self-contradictory proposition. The desperation of what-can-we-possibly-use-for-news-today?

    But if I had to pick a BH style icon, I’d choose the guy who, even in yesterday’s frigid temps, hangs out, in a beer-haze, near the once-named Peas and Pickles. His maroon zip-up, worn every day, is MY favorite “piece.”

  • MonroeOrange

    When you got a look that works, why change it ;)
    His is affectionately known as ‘Lou the eclectrician’

  • suzanne goss

    Agree. Bet her glasses are a “style accessory”. Ugh.