Tell Us About The Best Bite You Had In Brooklyn Heights In 2013

There were many notable restaurant openings in Brooklyn Heights in 2013 while others stepped up their game while some faltered…badly.

Last week, Gothamist’s Jen Carlson totally plotzed about Jack the Horse Tavern in the blog’s 2013 round up The 25 Best Things We Ate and Drank in 2013:

Gothamist: Ricotta & Butternut Squash Ravioli at Jack The Horse: I struggled with even mentioning Jack The Horse because it is hands down my favorite place in all of New York City. Everything in this adorable, cozy haven is absolutely terrific—from brunch, to the reasonably-priced large-portioned appetizers, to a full-on multi-course dinner. And I could write an ode to their Aviation cocktail, a sonnet on their Old Fashioned… their bartenders are amongst the best in the five boroughs. But when I first tasted this decadent ravioli dish I was speechless, and maybe a little teary eyed. The perfect pieces of pasta are complimented by a mouthwatering brown butter, along with capers, sage and grana padona cheese—while the portion is not huge, it is worth the $11 (and you can up the size for around $10 to make it a main dish). J.C.

So, within the confines of the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, what was the best thing you had to eat and drink in 2013?

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  • Claude Scales

    It’s rich, but not too rich, with a slight earthiness that, I find, works well with the delicate sweetness of the crab meat. More here:

  • Joe Dudas

    Red Gravy is super creative with their pasta dishes (and they always have a few solid specials to supplement!). When the have the burrata, it’s divine.

  • Ann B Chapin

    Of course there is Henry’s End and Jack the Horse (fresh juices @ the bar). I love Iron Chef House with very fresh sushi and creative specials (delicious gyoza & miso) Their dinner “combo” box is a great deal! Chez Moi is a lovely French Bistro with $1 oyster specials several days. Armandos was always a “go to”, since I am a long time Heights resident, BUT since their newest reincarnation prices are up and portions shrunk. Oysters and fried zucchini are available only as specials now and then. Carpaccio salad could be a “share” at one time, but now it is barely a portion. Must say that the “soft shells” are wonderful and presented several ways. One suggestion-serve the mussels with fries as they do at Jack the Horse. Have to try some of these newer places, but I don’t get out much! ;-D

  • AnnofOrange

    Cumin is the predominant ingredient of Henry’s End Moroccan butter.

  • Heightsman

    Thanks all.

  • spm57

    All mentioned are good but a new – and newest additon – are the terrific street tacos at Gallitos. Creative and really reasonably priced at $3 each.

  • Ann B Chapin

    excellent health benefits!

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    My friend and I had an early lunch at Taperia — and we ate well! We had the following tapas — beet salad, serrano ham & Manchego cheese and lamb chops,. We also shared an order of paella and a flan for desert. We feasted!