How Two NYPD Detectives Saved A Despondent Man From Jumping Off The Brooklyn Bridge Tuesday Morning

On Tuesday morning, police helicopters could be heard in Brooklyn Heights as they hovered over the Brooklyn Bridge. The NYPD was responding to a call of a man in his 20s threatening to jump off the historic span.


Brooklyn Eagle: The climber, described as a 23-year-old white man wearing a reddish-orange jacket, drew a crowd on the Bridge walkway and snarled traffic to Brooklyn as he climbed a cable on the southern side of the Bridge.

As traffic in the Brooklyn-bound lanes was halted and helicopters buzzed overhead, Detectives Irving Marrero and Eric Bembenek climbed out onto the cable and spoke with the young man. According to NYPD spokesperson Detective Marc Nell, the man told the detectives that he was depressed.

Photo: NYDN

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  • Hicksanthrope

    Good, well at least they cuffed him at the end!!! Job well done NYPD!!!

  • Martin L Schneider

    Does anyone else wonder what in the world the function of the very noisy and very costly chopper hovering overhead accomplishes.

  • Reggie

    I wondered, and my hypothesis is if someone does jump, the aviation unit is best able to direct the marine unit in the rescue and recovery.

  • sirgodfreytibbett

    Exactly, because nothing cures despondency faster than being handcuffed on the ground and manhandled by a bunch of cops.

  • ltap917

    Just because he was despondent does not make him less dangerous to himself and others.

  • Arch Stanton

    And get some sensationalistic video of the fall…

  • Arch Stanton

    Yeah nothing will get one out of a deep depression quite like lock-up.