Cops Charge “Brooklyn Heights” Man as “Subway Robber”

The New York Post reports that police have nabbed a man identified as “Eric Gay, 43, of Brooklyn Heights” (no address given) and charged him with committing a series of robberies on subway platforms. Gay is alleged to have approached victims, claiming he had a gun with a silencer, on three occasions at the DeKalb Avenue station. Police say there have been other, similar robberies recently, and that additional charges may be made.

(Note: Gothamist reports that the Mr. Gay is a Vinegar Hill resident while other outlets are simply saying he’s from “Brooklyn”. DEVELOPING.)

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  • lois

    Would like to know his exact address or at least the street he lives on.

  • MonroeOrange

    Why would you like to know that? he has been charged, not convicted of anything yet…let’s give him his day in court before you start throwing eggs at his house.

  • ernest

    Must be a condo owner trying to make payments.

  • David on Middagh

    Gothamist calls him a Vinegar Hill resident. Whom to believe?

  • lois

    The reason I asked is that not all of 11201 is Brooklyn Heights – news sources often given wrong neighborhoods when reporting fires, robberies, vehicle accidents, etc. I just wanted to know his actual neighborhood.

  • ernest

    Yes, part of Vinegar Hill is zipped 11201.

  • ltap917

    It’s easy enough to find out a person’s address these days. I found it in seconds but will not post it here.

  • David on Middagh

    Not the Heights, then, if their database is correct.

  • Weegee

    Farragut Houses, per the NYPD release.

  • ernest

    Isn’t Bloomie trying to build condo’s in their playground? Maybe he is looking for a down-payment.