Watch Our Video Of The New Pier 3 And 4 Uplands At Brooklyn Bridge Park

Karl Junkersfeld was on the scene at yesterday’s opening of the Piers 3 & 4 uplands and path at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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  • e

    These video posts are great — thanks KJ

  • slobodan

    Too many rocks, poor execution and the berm is a waste of otherwise precious park land.

  • gatornyc

    So you wanted a lawn right up against the Furman Street and enjoyed the noise of the BQE? The berm is functional and aesthetic. In terms of space, it is a small sacrifice in an 85 acre park.

  • Slobodan

    It s a tremendous sacrifice of precios land that could be planted with trees and other foliage. We live in nyc, noise is a feature of life here.

  • Claude Scales

    Getting away from noise is one of the reasons to be in a park. Having been on the far side of the berm and known how it blocks BQE noise, I’m glad it’s there,