Area Blogger Really Likes The Food At Queen

Local blog Stuff I Ate raves about Court Street mainstay Queen in a recent post. With many new eateries opening in the area, the red sauce Italian-American is still a go-to for a solid meal in the area. Do you agree?

Stuff I Ate: We have a new favorite restaurant in Brooklyn Heights: Queen!
This is especially delicious considering 2 of our favorites in that area closed (Ciao, La Traviata– I miss your shrimp fra diavolo!)

That’s just about all you need to know when it comes to Queen, a long-standing Italian restaurant on Brooklyn’s busy Court Street. It’s less than a 2 minute walk from a bevy of subway lines, so you really have no excuse for not trying it!

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  • DrewBurch

    Calling Queen a “Red Sauce Italian” is a vast underestimation. Sure they have all that crap, and I do see people order it, but anyone in the know throws aside the regular menu and orders off the seasonal one. There you will find things like Gnocchi in veal sauce, sepia ink pasta, Parrapadelle with duck and pancetta, salads with fennel, blood orange and sicilian olives and other delicious dishes. Queen may be old, but it is way better than most of the newer italian restaurants in the area. Ill take good food over trendy any day of the week.

  • Carol Stone

    We have gone to the Queen since it was down in the next block and chef/owner Pat was in college. My own tastes are simple and the veal marsala is lovely. Great desserts, too, such as Panna Cotta, and you haven’t properly celebrated your birthday until Maitre d’ Frank has sung to you!

  • DIBS

    I should give this place a try again but back in 2008, I had an horrible take on spaghetti carbonara and never went back

  • MonroeOrange

    oh how shocking…once again the spaghetti carbonara…you may want to try eating something else..just once…just once

  • e

    The Queen is great. Great fresh pastas, and the house-made mozzarella maybe the best dish in the neighborhood.

  • DIBS

    I do, quite a bit…probably more often than you. It’s just that it was so poorly done. Maybe your standards are lower.


    loooooove queen! their pasta fagioli is the best.

  • Lydia M. Gordon

    I remember when Queen was a pizzeria; then a pizzeria with a few menu items; then a small sit-down restaurant, and finally a full-fledged Italian restaurant on the block where B&N now stands. They had daily specials, which we loved. Saturday night was braziole (with a special stuffing unlike most) with rigatoni pasta, and that’s where you’d find my husband and me. The restaurant was a family affair then with the father/chef and then son/chef. The father/chef would always come out of the kitchen to greet diners, at least in the evenings when we were there. I don’t go to the restaurant as often as I did in the early days–it’s a bit of walk from Clark Street, but it’s still a very good Italian restaurant.

  • phinatti

    Hands down. The BEST Italian food in Brooklyn. Period.

  • AEB

    A sad commentary, if I may say so, on the Italian food available at Brooklyn restaurants.

    I’ve gone to Queen several times over the years and the food–American-Italian and more authentically Italian–has been…well, OK. And not-so-OK for the dough one is charged to have it.

    But that’s my palate. People take more offense, I find, at being told that food they’ve enjoyed isn’t really terribly good than they do at, say, being told their partner’s “cheating” on them. But, come to think of, that DOES speak well for their priorities.

  • DIBS

    Get out much?

  • Regina

    To call traditional “red sauce” Italin cuisine “crap” makes you a snob.
    Sure the seasonal menu is great but the regular menu is great as well. Their veal Parmesan is awesome,

  • MonroeOrange

    DIBS you are the new Gerry…congratulations!