Chocolate Works Coming to Montague, Jeweler Leaving

According to the Eagle, “[a] real-life Willie Wonka is moving to Montague Street.” The Chocolate Works will be taking the space previously occupied by Radio Shack at 110 Montague Street, between Henry and Hicks. The store will sell a variety of chocolate specialties, along with other candies, and will be available for “kids’ parties and bachelorette bashes.” The Eagle story quotes owner Joe Whaley as saying he hopes to have the store open by Valentine’s Day.

The Eagle story also reports that Montague Jewelers, a fixture at 212 Montague, between Clinton and Court, since 1988 is going out of business. An owner, Alan Cabasso, said increases in the cost of gold have been a major problem for the business. Being hidden under a sidewalk bridge for some time can’t have helped, either. There is as of yet no new tenant for the space.

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  • AEB
  • Alec

    it’s gonna be a hard sell being so close to Lassen and Hennings and their excellent cookies and chocolates…

  • hicksanthrope

    I doubt it. L&H needs to step up their game.

  • Dean Beals

    Yikes, another suburban chain. Too bad.

  • Doublebara

    I think I noticed a sign for another candy store on Court Street just south of Sephora. Wonder what other stores are coming.