Weekend Open Thread 2/13/09

What’s on your mind? What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun we should check out?

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  • http://www.davidlindband.com David

    Very cool Brooklyn street video :

  • http://www.davidlindband.com David
  • Just a Neighbor

    Sorry, that video was annoying :(

  • http://mermaidsonparade.blogspot.com melanie hope greenberg

    David, Very creative video, good sounds and sights. I’ve visited PS 102 severa times to present author programs.

  • bklyn20

    Has anyone noticed a new sign at (I think it’s) 24 Remsen Street? The alleyway next to it has a high iron gate with an oval metal sign, like the ones found in catalogues, emblazoned with the words “24 Remsen — Service.”

    Sorry to get snarky here, but this is REALLY PRETENTIOUS!! Doesn’t matter if it’s from a catalogue or custom-made — at least the iron chihuahuas down the block display a sense of humor.

    May I venture that it’s “tres tacquee??” And I know that’s improper French.

    I am tempted to get a neighborhood kid, dress her up in rags and have her ring the bell or knock on the door and say, in her very best Masterpiece Theatre cockney accent:

    “‘ ‘ello, Mistres, got enny work for a junior charwoman or scullery maid? Thanks. Guv’nor!”

    I guess the realtor thinks this will pass for an amenity?? I think I remember it looked like a very good restoration. TAKE DOWN THE SIGN!

  • nate

    bklyn20: get a life. try and make friends.

  • Andrew Porter

    Has anyone noticed the signs at the corner of Pineapple and Columbia Heights, and at the end of Remsen, next to the BQE, directing you to the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges? The Remsen Street sign has a bike on it.

  • RedBaron

    Anyone know of a notary public in the neighborhood?

  • Just a Neighbor

    Just took a long walk around the ‘hood (chilly), tried to dodge dog poop on the sidewalk (yuck), brunch at Char No. 4 (yum!), counted Christmas wreaths still on doors (seven), searched Heights Chateau for a great half-bottle of wine (nope) and now contemplating a trip to the gym (TBD).

  • Annie

    RedBaron: There’s a notary public in the Court Street office supply store.

  • bklynlover

    Does anybody know of a good dermatologist in the area?

  • RedBaron

    Thanks, Annie!

  • John Wentling

    Gosh darn it – just remembered, The Candlelight Restaurant next door to the Presbyterian Church on Henry, darn fine steak and chops.

    Had to get that out. :)

  • bornhere

    Rella Hartman or Marc Avram on Remsen Street are two derms I’ve gone to in the neighborhood (they’re a brother-sister combo). My visits have not been for anything too exotic, but I think they are both good.

  • sue

    John, how could you forget the popovers at Patricia Murphy’s Candelight Restaurant??

  • Caroline Jakubek Grayson

    I used to babysit Rella when I was student nurse at the Long Island College Hospital scholl of Nursing.
    She was a very good baby. Her parents used to treat me to a steak for dinner. Regards to her parents who so nice to me.

  • heightsdiho

    watching this video made me feel dizzy and car sick w/out being in a car…