Corcoran Out; Kiehl’s In On Montague Street In Brooklyn Heights

Skin-care giant Kiehl‘s will be opening its first Brooklyn store at 124 Montague St., the current site of The Corcoran Group. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports:

Kiehl’s shop will be 1,200 square feet in size, with its front door located where Corcoran’s is now, on a diagonal right on the Montague and Henry corner of the building. Over the summer, the city Landmarks Preservation Commission okayed the use of awnings on the building exterior – which Corcoran has – with the Kiehl’s name on them, the architect said.

The architect is Daniel Allen of Allen + Killcoyne Architects, who said, “The store won’t be ready in time for Christmas, but it will open soon after.” Construction begins November 1st.

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  • David on Middagh

    Bring back John’s Pizza!

  • AEB

    Is it possible? Can’t wait to drop another $1,254,143.49 on a tube of my fave shaving cream.

  • Lori

    Where is Corcoran going? I couldn’t care less about its replacement.

  • Andrew Porter

    So instead of real estate and cell-phone stores every 50 feet, we’re now going to have cosmetics and trendy drug stores all along Montague? This will be almost across from Ricky’s, diagonally across from City Chemist. Will we have a Macy’s/Gimbel’s competition on Montague?

  • Lady in the Heights

    Yay! Finally something decent on Montague Street. Nice addition.

  • GHB

    Nice to get something a little upscale on Montague. No competition for Ricky’s. Totally different animals!

  • Lady in the Heights

    I believe they are reducing the size of their office and are staying in the location but just upstairs.

  • Jorale-man

    I have to admit, with the new Sephora opening in the Municipal Building on Court, there’s an awful lot of cosmetics stores/massage parlors/salons now in the area. For us guys, the options are not so enticing.

  • Matthew Parker

    Kiehl’s makes excellent shaving cream.

  • Sharon

    Sephora is so much better. For skincare, I love the tarte pure maracuja oil. Totally wouldn’t even think about using Kiehl’s. I love natural skincare ingredients like the tarte brand. Pumped for the new Sephora so I can get my tarte cosmetics there!

  • deancollins

    wow that’s going to have to hurt the bottom line considering no more window shopping about listings etc…..though cheaper rent would have to help.