Fishs Eddy Sleeps with the Fishes


Just as we were recovering from the death of Palmira's comes news that our favorite dish store, Fishs Eddy on Montague Street is closing. There is a silver lining however, 75% off while supplies last!

We're looking forward to the combination optometrist/bank/cellphone store/chinese take out place that will be moving into the space. 

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  • Jon Baker

    I used to manage the record store next to Baskin Robbins from 76-78. It was called Music1, the owner was Peter O’neil.
    BagelNosh was on the other side of the music store

  • Pete

    Anybody remember when Baskin & Robbins was on the corner of Henry and Montegue in the early 80’s? Square Circle? JoeMel’s? The St George Hotel burning? St. Anne’s burning? Long Time.