Goodbye Old Parking Meters

Flickr photo by NYCMSTAROn December 20, the last old fashioned parking meter was removed from New York City streets. The New York Times writes about the history of metered parking in the city and mentions a bit of trivia involving our neighborhood.

New York Times: After 55 Years, Time is Really Up: At an outdoor party in October 1951 to celebrate new meters in Brooklyn Heights, civic leaders posed for photographs as they dropped coins into slots. After the party, a scuffle broke out when a police officer gave a ticket to the driver of a 45-foot-long tractor-trailer that took up two spaces. T. T. Wiley, the city’s acting traffic commissioner, who had been a guest at the party, stepped in and issued an impromptu verdict: The truck driver, having deposited his dime, had done nothing wrong.

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  • Billy Ards

    BS! There are still some floating around in Flatbush. I was surprised to see them last week. I’m not giving them up though. I love the old meters as much as you could love a parking meter. Lil’ hint for the location….Old Park Slope Caton =P Figure it out……