VIDEO: A Visit To Della Pietra’s On Atlantic Avenue In Brooklyn Heights

Our man with a cam Karl Junkersfeld visited Della Pietra’s Prime Meats, which is now open for business at 193 Atlantic Avenue. Karl, just like Oprah or Charlie Rose, gets the skinny on why the meat at this new butcher is different than others in the area.

Also, BHB pals EJ and Beth visited Della Pietra’s yesterday and enjoyed a lovely cookout on Pier 5.

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  • DrewBurch

    Picked up some delicious pork chops and bacon from there yesterday. The guys were very nice. Some people will complain that it is pricey, which it is. But they are trying to offer a higher quality product than other butchers in the area. They also have a good selection of offal if you are into that sort of thing.

  • AYauchParkMoms

    I think Drew is right on. My husband grilled a few things from there last night and they were delicious. I often find bacon too greasy without enough flavor. This bacon had great flavor (and of course my husband cooked it the way I like it).
    The price is higher than most other places so I’m not sure we’ll buy from there every time… but you do get what you pay for.

  • my2sons2006

    omg, bought some ground beef for burgers and some chicken both turned out great .You pay for what you get,great place for the heights.

  • Claude Scales

    Hmmm…must check out that offal selection. My wife, who’s from Massachusetts, has accused me of liking “speah pahts.”