Kitten Seeks Loving Home

Update: The kitten has found a home. Blyn20’s daughter decided she must have her.

Reader “bklyn20″ tells us this kitten (click twice on photo to enlarge) was found under a car at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and is in the temporary care of a friend. Homer, who knows I’m a sucker for cats, forwarded her message and photo to me, and my heart melted. If we didn’t already have two cats sharing our small apartment, I’d gladly take this one in. If your home and heart have room, please e-mail

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  • Nancy

    Glad to hear the kitten was adopted …nice story

  • Lisa

    How can someone keep a cat that might belong to someone else? Did you put up posters to see if anyone would claim him? Did you have him scanned for a microchip? Think about the owners and maybe their children crying all night because their cat is missing. You can’t just decide to keep it without finding it’s rightful owners that is mean, heartless and considered harboring an animal that is not rightfully yours.

  • David on Middagh

    That’s a feral varmint if ever I saw one. Look at the flinty meanness of its cold, gray eyes. The Navy Yard rats must fear its momma.

  • bklyn20

    Dear Misguided Lisa,
    This is bklyn20, posting as a guest because I haaven’t been on disqus for a while and can’t sign in properly.
    I have more than 20 years of community volunteer work in and around Brooklyn Heights, much of it involving animals. Kindly read the facts below before insulting me and the other people who are trying to help feral and discarded animals in Brooklyn. It may be sensible to question whether the 6 week-old kitten came from a nearby home, though few people actually live in the area. Jumping to insulting conclusions is a disservice to everyone involved with helping these othewise-abandoned animals.guesy.


    And now for the facts: There is a long-established semi-feral cat colony on that block near the Navy Yard; this kitten is from one of 2 litters that were born earlier this summer. The kitten somehow strayed from its mother, who has 2 or 3 other kittens as well, and took shelter atop a delivery van’s tire during the rainy days last week. He stayed inside the car for 2 days while the van drove around Brooklyn. The kindly van driver heard funny noises, took the wheel off, and found the filthy, starving kitten. The driver regularly helps out with the cats, and put the little grey kitten in the care of the 2 young women who basically oversee the cat colony — they put the kitten into the crate shown in the photo, and I took it from there.

    Some of the colony’s cats are spayed or neutered, and many are friendly. This kitten’s mama was one of the wilder females. We are trying to catch the other kittens, and hope to update BHB on our progress. Many, many thanks for the help of Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition and Sahmi of Pets Emporium for all their caring and compassion. Many thanks also to Homer and especially Claude for taking an interest in the story.

  • Lisa

    Something like this happened to a friend of mine who was fostering an abandoned cat and it got out and was missing for abut 3 weeks….and it was chipped. So I am just questioning that you had it checked if you didn’t 100% see this cat being born by this mother. That’s all.

  • DSM Five

    I reckon you’re one of those out-of-state and out-of-touch supporters of the “lost” cat BeeBop.

    BeeBop is dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.

    This cat is alive and if you’re from the area you know all about the feral cat colony discussed here.

    So Lisa, go away have a cup of tea and polish up your audition tape for Hoarders.

  • Arch Stanton

    1. The responsibility of “putting up posters” belongs to the “owners” of the missing animal, not the finders.
    2. Most animals, especially cats, know exactly where they live. if they escape and don’t return it is likely because they were either killed, trapped somewhere or found equal/better living conditions elsewhere.
    3. I believe humans do not actually “own” other animals, no more than humans can own other humans. When it comes to our pets, We may give them shelter, feed them and love them, for that they may love us, be happy and never want to leave our home. However, animals have personalities and sometimes the match isn’t right and somebody’s just gotta move on…

  • Heightswoman

    Haters gonna hate…and be punished sooner or later. It will come back around to you, DSM5.