I’m Calling It “Fort Myer”

I’m not sure what this new structure is [Update: I am now; it’s a new granite prospect. See here and scroll down to “Pier 3 Uplands”; thanks to Nancy Webster] that’s being built on the uplands of Pier 3 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, between Clark and Pierrepont streets, and the interactive map is no help. But I’m eager to see the finished result. Click on photo twice to enlarge.

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  • Jorale-man

    Preparing a reenactment of the Battle of Brooklyn?

    The whole site is a bit of a mystery at this stage. The sound-blocking hill looks like it could turn into a good sledding option in the winter, though I wonder about the backside of it facing the BQE. Perhaps there’s more landfill to come for that side of it still.

  • ab_bklyn

    I think I read that they are building another “granite prospect” type structure there, similar to the one at Pier 1.

  • aptana

    http://www.mvvainc.com/project.php?id=86 here you can see how pier 3 and 4 will look at the end

  • Judy Stanton

    Claude, please ask Matt Urbanski at Michael Van Valkenburgh for a verbal tour to “narrate” your photo. He is best at describing the rock seating area in your photo and he’ll also explain the methods used to build the sound berm. The latter is fascinating! Judy.

  • gerrymander

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a mini-ampitheater in the area?

  • Nancy Webster

    Hi BHB readers! You can find out more about park construction and the plans for the Pier 3 uplands (including the granite terrace) at the construction blog on the park website:


    Nancy Webster
    Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy

  • slyvester

    Where is the velodrome?

  • Rick

    It is exciting to see the park progress, although I still wish the proportion of active/concrete areas and quiet natural areas was more balanced. Or that at least the two were given better separation. It seems that separation will be even less after the hulking hotel/condo complex is built in such close proximity to Pier 1.

    It’ll be interesting to see how well the berms end up working. I’m still reserving judgement about their value VS the amount of land lost to them, seeing as the noise of the helicopters will remain unabated, and they seem a lot more intrusive to me in the park than the cars on the BQE. Not to mention some very loud ferry engines, especially while they’re sitting at the various docks in the area.

    In a more perfect world, the mess Robert Moses made of the Brooklyn waterfront with the BQE would now be replaced by a tunnel, removing noise, filtering particulates, and opening up more waterfront land. But I’m not holding my breath for that to happen!

    I do hope there is some tree shade in the uplands of Pier 3. From what I see in the renderings there is not much, but I know renderings are not really all that accurate, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. But so far the parts of the park that are finished don’t have too much respite from what can be some very hot summertime sun, so I hope more is coming.

  • David on Middagh

    The velodrome? It was decided that making lions chase fixies round and round only to catch really skinny guys would be cruelty.

    Some of us would have attended anyway, bags of Purina in hand.

  • brixtony

    I believe it’s actually the landing site for the mother ship. But I could be mistaken.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com/ Claude Scales
  • slyvester

    But that could have given Stephen Pierson something else to bet on besides poker and the city council job.

    We could have put Vito Lopez on a bike on the track, and let Pierson bet on which lion gets to eat him. I can hear the crowd roaring now, “Peddle Vito, peddle”.

    The abused female interns could be cheerleaders for the lions, and Pierson could buy a LICH condo with his winnings from the velodrome races.

    What a disappointment! Another dream dashed. Dadgumit.