Sociale On Henry Street In Brooklyn Heights – So Far So Good!

Not long after we received a dispatch from Mrs. Fink and Toddler Fink that their experience for lunch today at Sociale was super-fantastic, we received word that our man with a cam, Karl Junkersfeld, was ready to file a report about the eatery.

Manager Francesco Nuccitelli makes an appearance telling Karl about the menu and that their liquor license will be in full effect in a week to 10 days. In the meantime you may BYOB.

As for the food, Mrs. Fink raved about her Boston salad while Toddler Fink polished off her carbonara in record time. Karl also enjoyed the salad as well as Spaghetti al Pomodor and grilled octopus.

Have you tried Sociale? What do you think?

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  • Peter Loibl

    Nice video Karl! My only critique is the pronunciation — Sociale, in Italian, is pronounced like So-Shee-Ah-Lay (instead of So-Shee-Al) … that being said, excited to try it out! New baby has put a monkeywrench in the social life, but its certainly on my list!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Thanks Peter appreciate the tip. So-Shee-Ah-Lay, got it.

  • Peter Loibl

    Always enjoy your videos and contributions Karl, thanks for helping make this blog a compelling “must visit.” As a foodie myself, your restaurant videos have served as a springboard for many of my eatery visits.

    PS, just tried the $2.50 tacos at 7 Star Deli in DUMBO. For the record, I have NEVER, ever been to this place, but I heard about their famous “Taco Thursdays.” Worth the visit, although I had my doubts. Is it Gran Electrica good? Not close … but worthy of a mid-day snack for sure.

  • chris r.

    Looks like we’re getting a new pizza place on Atlantic where Sosta used to be…Owners of Luzzo’s … Hope BHB covers the story…

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    Reservations for 7:30 friday. Can’t wait!

  • SA

    The food is very tasty, but the portions are very tiny. Too expensive for the little you get.