Stray Pooch Stops Traffic on Brooklyn Bridge

A lost dog, believed to be a shiba inu, stopped traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday, until one family took it off the road, CBS New York reports. Now called “Brooklyn,” the dog is staying with the rescue family in Breezy Point while they await word from her owner. Brooklyn is lucky that traffic on the bridge has been so slow, as it may have saved her life.

Matt Petronis told 1010 WINS his family held up traffic and grabbed the dog with the help of some iron workers on Monday.

‘We held up the traffic in the right lane and we kind of forced it into the lane where the workers were and we yelled to them to take the dog and throw it in the car,’ Petronis said. ‘Once we got the dog in the car, it was so out of breath and it just needed water badly.’

If no one comes forward, the Petronis family may adopt her themselves. If you know who or where the owner is, email

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  • chicagokath314

    Thank you to the Petronis family for stepping in to foster poor lost Brooklyn! If you need any help, there are a lot of great people and resources at the New York City Shiba Rescue organization.

  • MonroeOrange

    My dog did the same thing in the 80’s ran on the brooklyn bridge…and someone got out of their car and saved her. Im glad to see with all that has changed in our hood, somethings never change!