Signs Will Point to Bridge Path

It may be easier for folks without the "secret code" to find their way to the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian path, the Brooklyn Papers reports in this week's issue: 

76422066_34ec13518c_t.jpgBrooklyn Papers: Mapping a Way to the Bridge: It may take “practice” to get to Carnegie Hall, but to get to the virtually unmarked Brooklyn Bridge footpath takes keen eyesight, an internal GPS, and the willingness to ask for directions.

But by this time next year, befuddled tourists will be guided to the famed pedestrian walkway by real signs, rather than the current mismash of hand-painted placards put up by grassroots groups or the city’s graffiti-covered maps near the bridge.

The $1-million signage plan, sponsored by the Metrotech BID, Borough President Markowitz and the City Council, calls for the installation of 110 signs in Downtown Brooklyn, from near the Brooklyn Academy of Music to the footpath’s DUMBO entrance.

That comes as welcome news to tourists like Anthony Lopez, of Puerto Rico, who couldn’t find the entrance to the fabled bridge’s walkway, which is hidden beneath a Brooklyn-Queens Expressway overpass on Washington Street. The only clue to the walkway’s existence is a green sign obscured by a sticker.

“I took the train to [Brooklyn Heights], and had to keep asking for directions,” said Lopez on Wednesday afternoon.

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  • pbdotc

    i hope they keep the one funky handpainted sign at the west end of the cadman plz park. it’s a nice bit of … uh … “culture” … or something. i like that one.