Move Over Paula Deen And Sandra Lee, Here’s Brooklyn Heights Resident And Cooking Channel Star Kelsey Nixon

The NY Post profiles Cooking Channel personality Kelsey Nixon, who lives in Brooklyn Heights. Her show, ‘Kelsey’s Essentials‘, enters its third season next month.

NY Post: “The main reason they didn’t think I was a good fit for ‘Food Network Star’ is because I was too young,” says Nixon. “When they created Cooking Channel and were making an effort to target a slightly younger demographic, they did think I was a good fit. So I’m glad that I hung with it, and I was able to stay relevant in that year after I was excused from the show.”

Also the host of Cooking Channel’s “Unique Sweets,” Nixon now calls Brooklyn Heights her home, along with her husband Robby and their son, Oliver. Though the Brooklyn food scene is tempting, Nixon cooks dinner at home for the family four nights a week, with a fifth night reserved for leftovers. It’s the kind of situation husbands’ dreams are made of.

“My husband is not the biggest cook,” says Nixon. “But he’s excellent at doing dishes, and he’s very happy to play a supporting role in the kitchen.”

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  • anon

    i’m confused… some people raised a storm regarding paula deen and her cooking style… i just watched kelsey promoting salt in cooking (salt blocks, seasoned salt, etc) and all manner of sweets, sugar and honey… lets hope she didn’t say something 30 years ago that will get her in trouble – oh wait, she’s not old enough to be concerned!