Open Thread Wednesday 6/26/13

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  • Claude Scales

    I presume the station at Hicks and Montague will come back once Hicks Street is repaved, probably, we’re told, within a couple weeks’ time.

  • WellAdjustedAndroid

    They apparently will have a prime aging locker (according to the sign on tbe front.) Its not environmentally friendly, or animal friendly or anything but gluttony friendly I realize…but omg I would love to throw down cash for a prime aged piece of meat now and again. Charcoal grill it with just a touch of butter and salt. Mmmmm…

  • DIBS

    Everyone knows pre-grated is crap.

  • DIBS

    Go to Los Paisanos and get some.

  • MonroeOrange

    Mr. Crusty..that qoute and the others that are of similiar like, is a running joke btw Hick St Guy and myself….As Hick St Guy was constantly complaining about dogs peeing on a TREE! hence why i said walking on Hicks St!

    So that explains my comment…how about explaining your threat to throw garbage into a lobby of a building, which will only make maintance workers have to clean up that mess?…well…Mr. Crusty ?!

  • Joe A

    Certainly. The garbage belongs to the building. They decided to violate private property and place their garbage on bicycles that I pay for with my membership. I would have removed their garbage from the private property they violated and returned it to the rightful owners in the building lobby. They could then decide to dispose of their garbage without violating other people’s rights.

    But it was not necessary now was it! Perhaps the bad publicity they received for being such disgusting New Yorkers along with emails such as myself caused them to reconsider and to act as better citizens. I am quite happy if I had some small part in that change of heart.

  • WellAdjustedAndroid

    Oh I totally drop into to Los Paisanos on occasion. Mmmmm…meat. Its Meat-topia.

  • jivika

    it’s already back! bikes reappeared sunday. :)

  • Andrew Porter

    Central Park West?

  • Andrew Porter

    They routinely interrupt the BBC World Service news at 9am for local news, then at the half hour run US and local news instead of the update of the BBC news. When I found out what salary WNYC president Laura Walker makes, I dropped my decades-old membership.

  • Andrew Porter

    Lobel’s on Madison Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Street has had an aging locker for years, visible in the front window.

  • Andrew Porter

    I have written about 100 Clark/1 Monroe Place *several times* on the BHB.

    The Brooklyn Heights Association has nothing to do with this building, and your implication that the failure to renovate this is All Their Fault is, to use a common word, *Wrong*.