Tree Limb Down Between Clark and Pierrepont On Promenade

The weather may be taking a toll on the flora in the neighborhood. A reader sent a series of photos of a tree limb down between the Clark and Pierrepont entrances on the Promenade. “The worst is when you see that the limb had been recently pruned of some smaller shoots, but then the whole big limb came down.”

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  • Brixtony

    Must be a pretty big branch to reach that far!

  • Andrew Porter

    The lower shot of the ragged tree limb is actually of a limb that has been like that for over a year. Some pruning was done of Promenade trees some weeks ago, and that may have exposed some branches to strong winds in recent storms.

  • FullSpecial

    Can we talk about the intersection of Clark and Pierrepont for a moment? Where is that exactly?