Missed Connection on the A Train

Other Brooklyn blogs have picked up items from the "missed connections" area on Craigslist that mention their nabes. We've resisted… until now. This was posted on Monday: 

aline.jpgCraigslist:You were enjoying your music, I was enjoying seeing you enjoy it – m4w – 49: You were the dark-haired (curly) woman with the leather jacket and Macy's bag who got on the downtown A train at 34th street and off the train at High Street. You sat opposite me (bald, bearded man with glasses and black leather jacket) and I delighted in watching you bopping and tapping your toes to your music on your iPod. Your reverie was interrupted by the drummers who got on the train. I'd love to know what you were listening to that made you so happy. I could tell you what I stopped listening to while enjoying seeing you enjoy.

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