Brooklyn Heights Resident Directs Dirty Paki Lingerie

Brooklyn Heights resident Erica Gould is the director of Dirty Paki Lingerie which is scheduled to run at The Flea (41 White Street) from July 31 – August 18. The play’s star/writer, Aizzah Fatima, describes it as “Sex, religion, and politics collide as six Pakistani-American Muslim females air their dirty lingerie.” The production has played around the world and across the U.S. including a stop at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Brooklyn Rail: Under the direction of Brooklyn Heights resident Erica Gould, the play is continually being reworked and updated. A recent addition, for example, reminds viewers that it was the Michigan legislature—and not the government of a Muslim country—that banned lawmaker Lisa Brown from speaking in the statehouse after she said the word vagina in a public debate over abortion. Similarly, the play hones in on the fact that the U.S. has still not passed the Equal Rights Amendment. And that’s not all. “The Republicans are just like the Taliban,” one of Lingerie’s characters rails. “And the Taliban doesn’t practice true Islam. Islam gave women the right to own property while women in Europe were still being treated like cattle.”

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