Brooklyn Bridge Park Prexy Regina Myer Mentioned as Possible City Planning Commissioner

City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden is expected to leave office when a new mayor is inaugurated next year. According to Crain’s New York Business, among those considered likely candidates to succeed her is Brooklyn Bridge Park President Regina Myer. The Crain’s article notes:

Ms. Myer has received accolades for her work on Brooklyn Bridge Park, but has run afoul of the unions for using non-union labor to build there. “Although that’s incredibly flattering, I’m really focused on finishing Brooklyn Bridge Park,” Ms. Myer said, when asked about the position. “I have a very full plate.”

That’s not exactly a blanket refusal. Others considered possibilities for the post include architect and Columbia professor Vishaan Chakrabarti, Planning Commission member and former community board chair Anna Levin, real estate lawyer Ed Wallace, and former City Council Land Use Committee chair Melinda Katz (but only if she loses the election for Queens Borough President).

Photo: Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

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  • Yosimite Sam


  • A neighbor

    I think someone is promoting their candidate. The head of City Planning will be appointed by the new Mayor. Unless I’ve missed something, we have no idea who the next Mayor will be.

  • Claude Scales

    I’m not “promoting” anything, just reporting what Crain’s said are likely choices for Planning Commissioner under the next mayor, whoever that may be. One of these happens to be Ms. Myer, and I highlighted the fact that she is part of this group because readers of this blog are familiar with her work as President of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The Crain’s article, to which I linked, notes that one previously likely candidate for the planning post if DeBlasio is elected has now been dropped from the list because she voted against a rezoning that DeBlasio favors.

  • A Neighbor

    Hey, I wasn’t accusing you of anything. Her promoter is the person who spoke to Crains.

  • Claude Scales


  • BP

    I’d rather have someone in the position who has actually worked at City Planning rather than some political hack the eventual mayor will probably install.