ClusterPark: No Condos, No Hotel

The Brooklyn Paper reported this week that the hotel and condos planned as part of Brooklyn Bridge Park have been put on hold indefinetly.   And while that’s good news for folks who wanted an actual PARK,  no one seems to have a straight answer on what’s going to happen next.

The New York Post reports on the story today:

Judi Francis, who heads a grass-roots group fighting to keep housing off the parkland, was heartened by the news.

“We knew that once people begin to use this park, there would be bloodshed to take it back for housing,” she said.

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  • Nancy

    since nothing is happening for now, why not open up the huge parking lot? It would be a real public service. Especially for people living in the Heights where there is little available parking.

  • Kaja

    Nancy: Car traffic increases to fill the available space. Within a few months of the new lot, we’d be at capacity again, and then when we tried to replace the lot with a park, there’d be hell.

    This city needs less pavement, not more of it.

  • Publius

    Looking forward to the open meeting at Polytech on the 29th when we’ll hopefully get some transparency and explanation on the financial model of the park. It’s becoming apparent that the public/private model of real estate supporting the park is not viable. Many of us have been saying this for years.

  • Nancy

    wouldn’t it be environmentally friendlier to have a place where people could park rather than having them circle the neighborhood for hours? think about it.

  • yo

    problem is that once you open up the lot for parking, getting it back becomes difficult…..look what happened by the court house at cadman plaza….

    Rip up the concrete and make it a park. Or better yet, put an ice skating rink in there in the winter and the temporary beach in the summer….

  • Nancy

    well, unless you restrict usage to locals, most people would want to bring their kids to the pool or the rink in a car.
    I actually think the whole park should be built on top of the parking lot. That way no one would have to look at the cars and everyone could enjoy the offerings at the park. It is kind of a long shlep there with little kids from the subway. Most parks have easier public transportation access.

  • No One of Consequence

    Let’s turn the whole thing over to Walentas.

  • Park Advocate

    Constant criticism of the park is so boring. Let’s be constructive and think of a way to get some grass on the piers as soon as possible before our children are all grown.

  • brooklynite

    it really isn’t that far of a walk to the park when you think about how far some other parks are and lost of people take their kids to coney island, central park, prospect park, museums etc by public transportation. you just load them up and know that you are going to have to walk a little. my parents did it like this w/ me, i’ve done it with my nephews and even kids I used to babysit when I was in highschool. it might not be as easy if you had a car, but we live in a city and this is how you have to do things. you take a train and/or bus and then walk to where you have to go. that is life as a new yorker.

  • Park Advocate

    Thank you Brooklynite. It is refreshing to finally hear some common sense on these sarcastic and cynical blogs about the Park. True New Yorkers walk because that is what city people do. If we allow them to build it, they will come. Let’s just get some grass growing (we don’t need marinas and indoor sports facilities if we can’t afford it…we can always do that later), but let’s build something so that people can appreciate this wonderful waterfront.