Heights Flashback: Burger King on Montague

Brooklyn Tattoo’s Adam Suerte sends in this photo of pals hanging out at the Montague Street Burger King in the 80’s.

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  • brooklynite

    We used to go to that Burger King after getting back from class trips or going to the promenade park. I remember sitting amongst little old ladies drinking their coffee as I proceeded to make “worm burgers” (a burger with french fries in it). Oh elementary school memories …:-)

    Does anyone remember the coffee shop on Henry between State and Atlantic where Tazza is right now? I believe it was called Camille’s (at least that is what my grandmother called it). I loved going there and getting an english muffin w/ cream cheese and hot chocolate in those heavy mugs :-)

  • lifer

    Many elementary school birthday memories in that place.
    I remember swallowing a dime at the record store down the block while playing video games, then going into the Burger King bathroom to throw it up.
    I also remember we raised so much hell at the BK that they instituted a “DT” (undercover cop) to sit in the corner, it was always someone new, and we would have a blast trying to figure out who it was when we walked in.

  • anon

    brooklynite-was the coffee shop Ozzie’s? I had my first date there with my wife back in ’96.

  • brooklynite

    NO, this was back in the mid 80s when I went there with my grandmother. More of an old school diner feel.

  • http://mermaidsonparade.blogspot.com melanie hope greenberg

    It was Camille’s. Small and cozy. Across the street on the corner of Atlantic and Henry was the art boutique called 100 Acres Wood.

    Does anyone remember when the Burger King closed and became a 99 cent store?
    What was there before the Burger King?

  • Nancy

    I remember the 99 cent store, and I had heard it was a bank before BK

  • sue

    The 99 cent store was the best. Still have things I bought there. Before Burger King it was Nettie’s. a department store sort of place. I remember the glass counters with jewelry and scarves and such. My fondest memory of BK was going there before heading downtown for christmas shopping, and a little boy coming up to me and my friend to ask if we had dropped this… it was a fifty dollar bill. We got our dinner to go that night.

  • livehere

    I used to go to Walden Books next door, pick up a MAD Magazine, then head to BK.

  • PineAppleStreet

    Brings back many memories, Hanging out at Burger King, the Court, the Circle, under the bridge, Tons of house parties.. hosted many… brooklyn height’s 80’s when the streets where full of kids on skateboards..I think that is alexis in the pic not sure long time ago……

  • adam suerte

    PineApple, It is Alexis, I took it off her Facebook page, she is doing very well these days.

  • PineAppleStreet

    Hey adam thanks for the heads up, If you now alexis, Im sure we know each other, Did we hang out in the same group? Where’s paris , steve, doug, kerstion, derek, chris, otis, the gleason’s ? my father owned old mexico do you have any contacts when anyone ?