Is This Your Cat? A Concerned BHB Reader Wants To Know

This dispatch from a BHB reader on Clinton Street:

There was a dead cat in a tree bed last weekend and I photographed the poor thing as I walked by (I also called 311 to remove). I am haunted by the idea that someone is missing their pet and will never know its fate. If I send on the photo can you get the word out on this?

The cat was on Pierrepont Street + Clinton, just across from the school.

Contact us if this is your cat or you know its identity.

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  • Joe A

    I will refrain from making a cheap BeeBop joke. I am quite proud of myself.

  • GHB

    So sad! I can’t believe how many people allow their cats to run free. They have no business having pets

  • CatMan

    That is my cat, but he should be fine. After all, cats have 10 lives, right?

  • MonroeOrange

    cats should run free if they haven’t be declawed…yes its dangerous out there, but most are fine. Too bad about this one, but that will happen.

    To qoute beebop…’i would rather die free than live in an apt.’

  • David on Middagh

    This is what’s known as eating your cake and having it, too.

  • Joe A

    (Smile) I thought so.

  • CK13

    Yes, let’s ignore the ecological issues that are caused by outdoor cats and their irresponsible owners.