Is Lena Dunham Leaving Brooklyn Heights?

It seemed kind of curious, from the start. Lena Dunham, pop culture “It” girl; Emmy-nominated creator, writer & star of HBO’s runaway hit series “Girls”; upcoming $3.7M Random House published author (and acclaimed member of the 2012 BHB Top 10)… settled in to an 800sf, $550,000 1-bedroom apartment at Mansion House on Hicks Street last June.

The New York Daily News is now reporting that Dunham, 26, is eyeing a $4.45 million penthouse at the Gretsch Building at 60 Broadway in South Williamsburg. Kinda seems more like it, huh?

“The 3-bedroom home has twin walk-in closets, a giant living room/kitchen area and a 1,900-square-foot wrap-around terrace with views of the Manhattan skyline to the west and the Williamsburg Bridge and the hipster-filled neighborhoods to the north,” the Daily News says. (Photos: NY Daily News)

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  • Boerum Bill

    This is a better fit for her, but the live in butler is SO not her style!

  • Long-time resident

    Who the frick cares?

  • cat

    And another “Who cares?”

  • Eddyde

    And good frick’n riddance

  • Barbara

    Guess it is her style after all. Never know what big money will do to some people, once they have it

  • Anonymous

    It must be hard for her to live in Brooklyn Heights when nobody cares who she is. She’ll enjoy all the star f*ckers in Williamsburg.