Columbus Park Liberated

An entrance way for a parking lot for State Supreme Court judges has been completed, so, according to The Brooklyn Paper,

The occupation is over!

Judges and other state Supreme Court employees moved their cars back to their refurbished parking lot in Columbus Park on Wednesday morning, three months after seizing a pedestrian walkway at the northern end of the park as a temporary lot.

Consequently, pedestrians will once again be able to walk unimpeded between Borough Hall or the Greenmarket and the Post Office or Cadman Plaza Park.

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  • nicky215

    The ongoing arrogance of the judges is an outrage. They claim they need parking next to the court due to security concerns.
    Do they have the same concerns when they walk around montague and court streets for lunch? Remember most of the judges are products of a corrupt system . Many have their families working in the courts. Abe Gerges has his daughter and son in law working there. Cronyism they name is Abe- I expect his grandaughter is next. By the way is Marty Connors’s wife still a law secretary. There are so so many others. What a disgrace

  • my2cents

    It’s Nepotism, not cronyism, Nicky. And only if you can prove that they were unfairly hired or promoted.

  • nicky215

    2 cents – you are a jerk

  • Anon

    So, who’s going to foot the bill for repairing the cracked bluestone and marble after cars have been driving over the walkway?