New Promenade Gardener Appointed

The Eagle reports that Matthew Morrow, a Colorado native who learned horticulture in Tennessee, has been put in charge of the Promenade Gardens. Morrow has already had one session with the crew of local residents who volunteer to work in the gardens (see photo). BHB has learned that his predecessor, Jonathan Landsman, was offered a new position in the Parks Department, described as “a progressive career move.” Nevertheless, he will stay in touch with the Promenade gardeners. Morrow, according to the Eagle, credits him with having done “a great job.”

Morrow’s plan, once immediate pruning and planting is done, is to add “more cohesiveness” to the Gardens. According to the Eagle:

“We’re looking to create displays,” said Morrow. “Lots of color and new species. It’s a long stretch and the north end needs a shot in the arm because of the new footbridge connecting to the Brooklyn Bridge Park.”

Interested in helping out in the Gardens? Contact the Brooklyn Heights Association. Also, the Promenade Gardeners will have a fund raising bake sale on Saturday, May 18 near the Montague Street entrance to the Promenade. More details later.

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  • Ellie

    Happy to be one of the volunteers and to see the fruits of our labor, especially when the 6,000 tulips bulbs we buried in the fall show their pretty heads. Fun group to volunteer with!

  • Andrew Porter

    Once again the curlicue of land that stretches from just behind the area where the astrolabe is, at the far north of the Promenade, down to next to the BQE, is in need of upkeep, weeding and trash collection—not to mention rat poisoning. Several years ago I got DOT and the Parks Dept, which both think the other is in charge of this area, to cooperate in cleaning it and weeding it. It’s time to again do something about this neglected area.