Travel Site Wanders Brooklyn Heights With Pineapple Street Resident/Writer

Travel site Gadling takes a look at Brooklyn Heights through the eyes of Pineapple Street resident Elisabeth Eaves. The author of a book about stripping (“Bare“) and another about travel (“Wanderlust“), Eaves shouts out neighborhood favorites like Jack the Horse (she says it’s the best in Brooklyn Heights) and Vineapple.

Gadling: Does she think she’s here for good?

“My fantasy is that I can keep the place we have now as a pied-à-terre,” she tells me. “If left totally to my own devices, there’s probably a good chance I’d just stay in New York.” But her husband is eager to move closer to family. The pair struck a bit of a deal when they first met: Eaves’ husband would move to Brooklyn for a stretch to be with her but he gets first dibs on the next city they relocate to.

Before we part ways, she takes me to one of the spots she might miss if she leaves New York. The sun has set by the time we enter Jack the Horse Tavern on Hicks and Cranberry Street. Eaves calls the big-windowed, brick-lined restaurant the best in Brooklyn Heights. If the happy hour cocktails are any indication, she’s onto something. We could continue our literary themed afternoon by ordering Hemingway daiquiris, but instead we both settle on gin infusions.

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