Eagle Checks Out Appellate Court Building

Flickr photo by joseph a

Flickr photo by joseph a

The Brooklyn Eagle takes a tour of the Appellate Division Second Department building at 45 Monroe Place, an amazing structure nestled in our neighborhood:

Brooklyn Eagle: …Tour into Appellate Court: Built in 1938 with a classical style that was undergoing a revival at the time, the courthouse has an impressive limestone exterior, grand columns at its gilded entrance, and seems to fit perfectly in this shady nook of Brooklyn Heights.

Representing the intermediate level of the New York State courts, the four Appellate Divisions in the state are imbued with significant authority in terms of establishing how a case law should be interpreted. Only the New York Court of Appeals in Albany has more authority.

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  • my2cents

    i love that building! i would love them to film a period movie there.

  • dw

    There are a few “Law and Order” episodes that were shot at the Court of Appeals.

  • Ari

    My girlfriend was admitted to the bar and she was sworn in at that court, I was in the gallery of one of the larger courtrooms, breathtaking interiors. Gold leaf ceilings, it was magnificent.

  • Andrew Porter

    It replaced a church — remember, Brooklyn was the “borough of churches” — called The Spanish Church. You can see many photos of what was there Before, on the NY Public Library’s site.