The Big Reveal: Scaffolding, Netting Removed From Herman Behr Mansion

Just over seven months after one of Brooklyn Heights’ mightiest architectural triumphs—the Herman Behr Mansion—was shrouded in netting and scaffolding, exterior work has been completed. Our baby is back! The beloved Romanesque Revival residential building at 82 Pierrepont Street underwent a mass of restoration to its facade, and looks fresh and ever beautiful again.

The Behr Mansion, built in 1888 by architect Frank Freeman for $80,000, changed hands in 2008 for $10.98 million. It was named after the mining industrialist who built it. BHB has previously reported on its deliciously storied past. (Photos: CT)

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  • CassieVonMontague

    I wish they would remove the metal awning over the entrance. I looks like a tacked-on addition from when it was a flophouse.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    The front doesn’t appear to have been touched and that appalling awning is still there. The Henry St side had been renovated about a year before the scaffolding had gone up. The only visible improvement I can see as of result of this latest renovation is the painting of the back and, though thorough, is a too-bright white. Better yet, the brick ought not to have been painted. A huge disappointment.

  • Laura Solomon Mardiks

    I totally agree. It is my favorite house in the Heights. That awning is a blight to this architectural gem. Too bad landmarks can’t do anything about it.

  • GHB

    All that time, and that hideous awning is still intact! That was the one feature I was looking forward to seeing disappear.

  • petercow

    I agree.. the awning is terrible.. and what.. no mention of beautiful 62 Pierrepont, which also had scaffolding up for a year?, It is now looking great!

  • Bkboy

    The only updates to the building is refreshing the mortar joints between the bricks (pointing) and they cleaned up the awning (new paint and accents on the corners). There was a contemplation of window replacement but its decided against.

  • Arch Stanton

    The building is also known as “The Castle”

  • Andrew Porter

    Scaffolding was removed at least 2 weeks ago. This just in: sidewalk shed around Pierrepont Hotel almost all gone!!!