First Presbyterian Church & Key Food Partner To Replenish ‘Mission Brooklyn’ Food Pantry

The First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn has partnered with Key Food to help fulfill its “Mission Brooklyn” initiative. On Friday, March 1, from 7-8 p.m., locals may donate contributions and food items at the Key Food @ 102 Montague Street, to help restock FPC’s Food Pantry.

After several months of increased need, the church’s pantry, which serves some 120 community members, is in dire need of restocking. Key Food is allowing FPC’s Mission Brooklyn—its monthly youth service initiative—to set up tables on March 1, during which shoppers can buy cans of food from the grocery that will be directly donated to the Food Pantry. Cash and check donations are also welcome and will be used to purchase food.

FPC notes: “In 2009, the FPC Food Pantry experienced a 58% increase in the number of people visiting the pantry for emergency and supplementary food. In 2012, this need remained at an all-time high, as demand continues to increase, particularly among low-income caregivers and out-of-work breadwinners. Clients are often the working poor of all ages with fixed incomes and limited mobility, making the FPC Food Pantry an important source of support. All people are welcome to the pantry; no one is turned away for any reason.”

First Presbyterian is located at 124 Henry Street. Read more about the food pantry and its accomplishments and needs at its website. The Food Pantry is every Thursday at 10 a.m.

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