Open Thread Wednesday 12/31/08

Flickr photo by lilyo

Flickr photo by lilyo

The last OTW of 2008. Comment Away!

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  • PJL

    Are there fireworks tonight?

    Any local NYE celebrations? Thanks.

  • Homer Fink
  • Maggie

    Does anyone have any good tailor in the neighborhood? Thanks

  • AEB

    Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and–yes!–prosperous ’09!

    As dreadful as ’08 was in so many ways, it contained an event of great beauty: Senator Obama’s victory.

  • Luke C

    There’s the tailor on Henry St at Clark right next to the St. George awning. It’s a dedicated tailor shop and he did a fine job taking in some pants for me.

  • Alex

    Can you see the Prospect Park fireworks from rooftops here? What about Battery Park ones?

  • Peter

    Figured now would be a great “Thanks For” thread while saying goodbye to 2008:

    Thanks For:

    *The Veal Osso Bucco at Noodle Pudding
    * for countless hours of entertainment
    *Bocce Ball at Floyd … I may not know the official rules, but my scoring system is quite fun nonetheless
    *The Red Velvet Cake at Tea Lounge on Court Street
    *To Brooklyn Heights, in general, for welcoming this Manhattan boy nearly two years ago with open arms

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  • Ryan & dog

    I know that many local pet-owners are a bit taken aback by the somewhat-expected, yet sudden, retirement of Dr. Maddox and his sale of the Cobble Hill Animal Clinic. Many residents believed that he was, by far, the best veterinarian in the immediate area. So my question is, what now?

    Does anyone know anything about this Dr. LoBasso that now owns the Cobble Hill Animal Clinic? Is he friendly? Is he any good? Are clients and their pets flocking to another local vet? Vinegar Hill clinic? Atlantic Animal Care? Those small offices in Carrol Gardens that I do not know the name of? That vet couple on Cranberry Street?

  • Anonymous

    It annoys me when people let their dogs poop on the snow and leave it there. And then the snow turns to mush, but SURPRISE, the poop is still there. Bag it, DAMMIT!

  • AEB

    Ryan & dog,

    On a visit to Dr. Maddox about two month ago, he recommended (as an alternative to his services, on days he was “off”) Dr. Christine Norton whose practice is:

    The Heights Veterinary Hospital
    59 Hicks St
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    (718) 625-7111‎.

    It’s on the southeast corner of Hicks and Cranberry. The place hardly inspires confidence from the outside, but the care is supposedly top notch and the fees reasonable, as opposed to those of Vinegar Hill or the Atlantic Avenue practice.

    Hope this helps.

  • Publius

    Dr. Maddox was my dog’s first vet, but I switched quickly because he practiced old-school protocols for vaccines (IMHO and the opinion of most vet schools, vaccinating way too often), and I also wasn’t a fan of his quirky sense of humor. I also didn’t appreciate seeing him excoriate one of his vet techs during one visit.

    So then I went to Hope Vet, which is OK, but for two years, they didn’t properly diagnose my dog’s allergies. These misdiagnoses had cost me literally thousands and much discomfort for my dog. Also, I had too many bad experiences at Hope with their front office messing up appointments. Also, the standard wait time at Hope is at least an hour.

    So when Vinegar Hill opened, I decided to give it a try. Dr. Neuman is very talented, and she diagnosed my dog’s allergies immediately and after some allergy testing, got him on meds and we properly identified the allergens. All of his previous eye and ear infection problems are now gone, because of the proper diagnosis.

    The facility is very modern and top notch. Dr. Neuman is also very modern with her approach to her practice.

    Also, when you make a 6pm appointment, you get seen at 6pm.

    I give Dr. Neuman and Vinegard Hill Vet Group my highest recommendation.

  • henry & state

    Happy New Year All. May it be happy, healthy and prosperous. Thanks for all the great information I’ve gotten here! When I move in March 09, I’m taking you with me! This (Bklyn Heights) has been my home for 26 years. It will be hard to let go.

  • epc

    On hearing of Dr. Maddox’s retirement I switched my dogs to Vinegar Hill based on several positive recommendations and it’s much closer to my home than Cobble Hill Animal Clinic was. I’ve no complaints so far.

  • Anonymous

    I second the recommendation for the taylor on Henry @ St. Georges. He has done some nice work for me, fixing wholes in suits and coats. Havent figured out the pricing system though.

  • GHB

    Taylor? Wholes? No comment…

  • Anonymous

    I went to the tailor on Henry to get a dress hemmed. It cost $40 and was uneven on the bottom. Try somewhere else.

  • nancy

    The vet office on Hicks and Cranberry is very caring and high quality. I recommend them and know at least a dozen people who also take their pets there for years.

  • Just a Neighbor

    Maggie, I got my jeans hemmed at Clinton Hill Cleaners on Clinton/Atlantic, and he did a good job and still kept the original bottoms on. Very reasonable. May want to give him a shot.

  • Nelson

    Can anyone recommend a dog groomer in the Heights area…Have tried Perfect Paws on Hicks but have gotton inconsistent results…Anyone?

  • Chris

    Looks like Ignazio’s under the Brooklyn Bridge will be opening soon…

  • Amanda Trees

    I miss Dr. Maddox from Cobble Hill Vets and the way he knew just how to fix any problem in the simplest and most natural way possible. If something required more than that, he would either refer me to a specialist, or be precise with me and if surgery was needed, he did this and my dog was always fine. The new people I’m sure are good, but for some reason I think they go too far off into the testing-stuff and speculation, all of which adds up the charges but may not solve the exact problem. My instinct tells me to move on, and not sure where. The Heights Vet? Vinegar Hill? What’s the address for them?