Open Thread Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy February 2013 BHB Open Thread! What’s on your mind this wintry Wednesday? Comment away! (Photo: 135 Henry Street/CT)

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  • Andrew Porter

    If anyone is wondering whatever happened to Sue Simmons, read this:

    Also, did anyone notice the cameo for the Montague Street entrance to the Promenade in a current NY Lottery commercial?

  • north heights res

    Checking in again to see whether anyone has tried the new Eimi salon in Eastern Athletic. Interested in the threading, hair cut, and color services…but cautious given their newness and low prices. Would love to hear some reviews.

  • Bob Scott

    Anyone notice this morning’s news in the Eagle? —— LICH DOCS TOLD HOSPITAL WILL CLOSE; Its pres will urge trustees to pull plug on LICH to save Downstate; public hearing Thursday precedes execution vote.

  • KVR

    Are there any options for internet service other than Time Warner or Verizon? Does RCN provide service in the neighborhood?

  • GHB

    Andrew, thanks for posting. Shiba lacks Sue’s charm and wit, and will never replace her. And I saw the NY Lottery commercial.

  • Matthew Parker

    Fairway reopens on March 1st!

  • Bob Stone

    It’s hard to understand why there’s been so little local coverage or even minimal notice of the imminent closedown of LICH. The demonstration on Jan. 25 was followed by zero public outcry. We still run into people who have no idea that this is happening. SUNY, Downstate has completed the rape of this vital institution, after being seen as its saviour two years ago. After Continuum did its best to destroy LICH, SUNY continues to pay it $3M a month to do its record keeping! And pays a public relations exec. $500K per year. Although our neighborhood hasn’t supported LICH, for reasons both good and bad, we must have a close-in ER. If there’s to be an ER, there has to be in-patient services. Our granddaughter has been taken to the Pediatric ER by EMS on at least half a dozen occasions and speed was everything. I’ve attempted to drive to the Methodist Ped. ER and have spent over twenty minutes doing it.

    Then there’s the local economy: Fatoosh, Hts. Apothecary, the bodega on Atlantic, etc., etc. Please start talking to our LEOs, most of whom have been very good on this, but need to know that the public cares.

  • C.

    In Not Lena Dunham news, I noticed Bareburger is coming to Court Street across from the new Chipotle by Trader Joe’s.

  • Gerry

    Here in Brooklyn Heights our friends and neighbors made other plans for healthcare years ago and have little or no use for LICH. Our three children were born at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset. I had orthopedic surgery in Manhattan at Hospital for Special Surgery. A trip to the ER is what no one plans and yes Brooklyn Heights will be at a disadvantage without the LICH ER but the hospital can not survive with revenue from the ER alone. Too many hospitals in NYC exacerbate the financial problems of hospitals. RIP – LICH.

  • BrooklynBugle
  • ltap917

    Sue had a great career. How many people get to do what they love until the age of 68.

  • MonroeOrange

    at least you finally acknowledged in an emergency we are now at a disadvantage..which is something you didn’t acknowledge in the past discussions on this topic…Im glad to see something is getting through that head of yours!

  • km

    Any word on when the new Mt Sinai/Westmed Practice will open in 1 Pierrepont Plaza? All I can find is Jan 2013, but I’ve heard nothing about it being open yet..

  • Jorale-man

    I see that Brownstoner reports that the hospital is likely to be converted to luxury housing. Seems like a sign of the times:

  • kipped

    I was about to post this very question on the open thread. I’m looking to get rid of Time Warner, but there don’t seem to be many (any?) alternatives. Can that be possible?

  • Pembridge Van Oosterhoot

    Lately I have noticed far too many horseless carriages in our elite Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. These cantankerous contraptions not only spew forth miasma into the air, along with other vapors, but also frighten horses, scare good children, and create loud, rambunctious boisterousness that ruins the calmness and serenity of my beloved be-fruited named streets. Won’t someone think of the horses?

    Also, I dislike the hot-dog-style-sandwich vendors, who are most certainly immigrants from the Old Countries, who pledge fealty to their papal masters and degrade the potency of our native Brooklynite stock.

    So, my question is, where can one find a good haberdasher in Brooklyn Heights?

  • Dreiveer van Peetsahoot

    I saw some hats at the thrift shop

  • MC

    The board of Education should purchase the building and convert it to a middle school or high school or both. The area is definitely in need of a middle school

  • Gerry

    Somehow you feel that you opinion means something to me? LICH did this to LICH if LICH had been so great then the people would have gone to LICH, and the people did NOT go to LICH and so LICH has closed.

  • Gerry

    You need to go to Brooks Brothers on Madison Ave or to the store in Manhasset, or Westport, CT. The annual Fathers Days sale and the day after Chrstmas are the best sales of the year.

  • Gerry

    Before the controversal parking facility had been built the veiws were even better – a nice park was destroyed by LICH for employee parking and then the new garage was opened up to the public.

  • MonroeOrange

    Gerry, once again, im so surprised your wife hasn’t asked you to stop posting. You have told us every detail of your personal life, and everybody thinks you’re a real disservice to humanity. Your wife must be so proud to have a husband who has alienated everyone around you. Good luck to you Gerry, you’re a very sad man.

  • Montague Street Dad

    I took my daughter (3yrs) to 1 Pierrepont Plaza a couple of weeks again to the former LICH Pediatrics practice. Lovely new digs and well run.

  • Gerry

    You have not heard every detail of my life. I have not alienated everyone around me. My wife loves me and I love here we have a beautiful family and a wonderful relationship that you know nothing about. .

  • Gerry

    We will be there!

  • Gerry

    Thanks for the information. We use Dr. Robert Silver a pediatrician on the East Side of Manhattan who has priviledges at Mt. Sinai

  • km

    @montaguestreetdad:disqus That’s good news, thanks! We’ll need a pediatrician in a few months so I was wondering about that practice.

  • MonroeOrange

    Every Detail of Gerry: Real name Gerald, Masters from LSE, undergrade BC, member heights casino, owns 3 cars (2 of which parked in LICH lot), one is a range rover, lives next to Mark Agger, swims at hofstra (weekdays morning) and asphalt green (sat), 3 kids, au pair, kids born in manhasset, buys christmas trees not on montague, goes into MontyQ at nights, buys his morning paper in dumbo…i could go on an on…but i think my point is made!

  • Montague Street Dad

    We have been in the capable hands of Dr Aronov (& occasionally Dr. Gilgoff) since our daughter was born and have been delighted as they guided us through the fevers, earaches and parental worrying.

  • Alec

    was anyone else woken up at 2AM last night by loud helicopters buzzing the neighborhood? What was going on?