Another Look Inside Cadman Plaza Library Potential Sale

As news continues to swirl regarding the potential sale of Brooklyn Heights’ Cadman Plaza Public Library, there’s new perspective to the story as reported by Brooklyn Daily in a post titled “The Brooklyn Public Library wants to cut off its nose to save its face.”

As previously reported, the library is considering demolishing its Brooklyn Heights branch to avoid $9 million in repairs, instead sniffing out developers interested in purchasing the 25,000-square-foot lot—while perhaps allowing the library to remain on the ground floor.

Courier Life’s Brooklyn Daily: Last summer it became apparent just how badly the current Brooklyn Heights branch building, built in 1962, needed repairs. The air conditioning system went kaput, and the staff had to close the sweltering facility on at least 30 days.

“Last summer, a lot of senior citizens came in here complaining that they couldn’t go to the library,” said Kenn Lowy, owner of the Brooklyn Heights Cinema. “It obviously needs a lot of help, so if they can make a plan to fix it, that’s great.”

Judy Stanton, executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Association, said she is concerned that the new library will be smaller. She is also concerned that the temporary library space will not have the services patrons have come to expect.

“A lot of people go to this library and want to use computers or study in the library in the summer,” said Stanton. “They don’t want to have to sit in the Starbucks.”

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  • David on Middagh

    Are you really quoting 596 words from another publication? Which is 90% of Danielle Furfaro’s article?

  • Gerry

    We feel a new buiding to house both a library and a middle school would be a good use of this property.

  • Park Lover

    New York City has been starving the library system for years– and now, they’re shocked shocked at the state of the physical plant. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to sell the site to a private developer….

  • Andrew Porter

    The various articles I read said that the potential building could be as high as 50 stories, not 19. Also, it’s not clear what the zoning is. There’s an excellent article on with links to other articles, and this has been covered in as well.

    And bringing in a trailer? Really? In BH? I somehow really doubt that’s gonna happen. This isn’t Staten Island by the beach.

  • Andrew Porter

    Don’t know what happened to my more recent comment. Here’s the article on how high the new building could be, on Brownstoner:

  • North Heights resident

    Happens all the time, as egregiously. I’ve protested several times, to no avail. Aggregation is one thing, but this kind of thing is a huge disservice to original writers and publications.

  • stuart

    my guess is that the library will close this summer, will be demolished by year’s end and by spring 2014 a forty-story mixed use building will break ground on that site.

  • ltap917

    Staten Island by the beach is a step up from the current library. Have you been there lately?

  • Joe A

    Who is this we you are talking about? Are you royalty now Gerry?

  • BrooklynBugle

    Andrew, we know you have an Eagle Eye however that piece is based upon Michael DD White’s recent Noticing NY post which we mentioned here: two days before Brownstoner. Come on man!

  • Jon B

    Spring 2014 for groundbreaking?? Since I know you know Bklyn real estate so well, I’ll assume you’re joking

  • Wiley E.

    Blame it on Bloomberg. Another public property to be handed to private developers. The worst mayor ever. Don’t vote for Quinn, more of the same giveaways to come. Who will win the prize? Ratner or Walentas?

  • North Heights resident

    Much discussion of this topic today elsewhere. An article at Poynter asks: “Does the aggregation replace the need to read the original piece or stimulate the desire to read the original?

  • Barbara

    Blame it on Bloomberg is right!!!!