Downtown’s $2M, 14,000/sf Willoughby Plaza Officially Opens

Willoughby Plaza, the new $2 million 14,000/sf  pedestrian seating area between Panera Bread and Shake Shake near the entrance to Downtown Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall, has officially opened. On Friday, politicos, including Borough Prez Marty Markowitz, hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony.

In the coming months, the Downtown BK Partnership says it will be dressed with greenery, seating and public programming.

In 2006, the DOT determined that the two-block stretch between Adams and Pearl Streets and along the Adams Street Service Road leading to the Marriott Hotel was mainly used as an illegal parking lot for police and court officer cars, and deemed it worthy of becoming a capital improvement project.

(Photo: Downtown Brooklyn Partnership)

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  • Mr. Crusty

    I’m confused. This story was said to have 0 comments -11 reactions.

    What is a “reaction” and how are they tabulated?

  • The Bear

    $2 million? For that? I know “greenery” is coming, but still…

  • Dean Collins

    @Thebear totally agree….now that our taxes are going up time to put the screws on soem of these gov contracts…dont get me wrong dont want less done…just want them to do more with MY money!!

    @Crusty, click on reactions….its the number of tweets/retweets regarding this url.

  • mikeM

    2 million?
    I was there yesterday, they just put concrete on the street. Not even stone. Thats crazy.

  • Reggie

    No, they didn’t “just put concrete on the street.” For one, they replaced a century old water main. This was a tough site to develop, lots of infrastructure underground, including for the subway.

    Those facts notwithstanding, the dollar amounts of municipal contracts seldom make sense, even to people who deal with them all the time.

    Oh, and Mr. Crusty? Click on X reactions, next to Y comments, and you will see what constitutes a “reaction,” loosely phrased.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Ahhh… Thank you Reggie