Snow White

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Flickr photo by

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  • Meisee

    The photo looks very gloomy. Especially with the sad looking tree.

  • Teddy

    With the gloomy economy, it’s probably appropriate.

  • ABC

    anyone know where I can grab a cheap sled very locally?

  • hoppy

    It’s a Christmas tree in bondage :(

  • joe

    My tree is so much better looking than that and I paid $60. How is that possible?

  • E G

    Joe, do you have the little bar iron fence around your tree? Huh? Didn’t think so!

  • CJP

    Leave the tree alone! I thought it was a pretty nice picture. It’s in a freekin’ snow storm. And when it’s not snowing it’s an awesome view.

    Nice picture. And nice tree. I thank whoever put it up and took the time to make it happen.

    “It’s easy to criticize the sailor when you’re sitting on the shore…”

  • yo

    that tree makes the baby jesus cry

  • No One Of Consequence

    Y’all need to watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

  • bornhere

    I love the photo (the footprints in the snow are neat), and I love the tree. How can you not love the tree?

  • promenadexmastree

    it’s not that bad. just don’t look at it that closely.

  • JGM

    Good thing they did not put too many ornaments and lights at the top or else the weak-looking tree would have toppled over onto the BQE

  • joe

    E G I don’t have the iron fence but one year I did have a super yard XT around it to keep my son from pulling down the ornaments. Does that count?

  • frances

    Gorgeous picture. Snow definitely improves the tree…