Open Thread Wednesday 12/17/08

BHB Photo Club pic by amcdaniel83

BHB Photo Club pic by amcdaniel83

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  • PJL

    The folks on Montague seem nice, but I was wondering, does anyone know of lower priced Christmas trees nearby/within local driving distance?

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  • Berkeley Grosvenor

    You’ll pay $10/foot for a pesticide-free fir on Montague, without the hassle of parking lots and twine. I believe Lowe’s might be doing their normal routine of cheap trees in bulk for $25 or $30, regardless of height. Personally, I’d rather support our neighbors from the North, who are always cheery, polite and a welcome sight that signals the arrival of the holidays in the Heights.

  • Henry St.

    Didn’t get a tree this year, but last year, the ones at Peas and Pickles were slightly cheaper – although a little more Charley Brown-ish….

    Side note – anyone else see the raccoon on Monday night near the corner of Henry/Pierrepont? It was a fat one.

  • jay

    why is the christmas tree on the promenade at montague the weakest, sorriest excuse for a christmas that i’ve ever seen? could they not afford the extra $9.99 for a second of lights? that thing is an embarrassment.

  • Preservationist

    A reminder that tonight at 6pm is the Community Board meeting to discuss the controversial Dock Street building project that impacts the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Speak up now or forever rue that you didn’t:

  • ABC

    Lowes is selling trees for $30-35 for 7-foot trees, depending on variety. I think they’re selling 4 varieties. $5 up/down for shorter/taller. They have guys who will put it on the roof of your car (with plastic wrap instead of twine — smart!) for a tip.

    Fairway is selling their trees for $30.

  • ABC

    anyone know how brooklyn heights real estate is holding up?

  • AEB

    I note that the former wine bar at Henry and Cranberry now has its windows papered on the inside, an indication that something is afoot in terms of its tenancy.

    Anyone know more about this?

    Previously, I saw a man with a boy walking around the inside; man had that new-owner look, which is hard to pinpoint, but….

  • AEB

    New owner look: satisfaction + terror…..

  • BF

    i need to buy a few pieces of wood for wall shelves in my apartment: standard lumber size 1×6 or 1×8 and about 3-4 feet long. where can i buy lumber, within walking distance (or an easy subway commute) of the heights? thanks!

  • Berkeley Grosvenor

    Sid’s on Jay Street will cut to suit your needs. Lumber is downstairs. You need to go down, give them the measurements, they write up a slip, which you take to the counter and pay for. Head back down with the paid receipt and they’ll sort out your order.

  • BF

    thanks! that is really helpful.

  • Maggie

    What happened to the Christmas Caroling at First Presbyterian?

  • Nelson

    I am searching for a competent and compassionate veternarian in the Heights locale….has anyone got a recommendation?
    Thanks so much

  • GHB

    Nelson, I go to CJ Norton at the Heights Veterinary Hospital at 59 Hicks. She’s very good with my dog, and very well liked. She has a partner, but I always go to Norton.

  • cv

    I highly recommend both of the two vets on Atlantic Avenue.

  • Publius

    I can wholeheartedly recommend Vinegar Hill Vet Group, which oddly is not in Vinegar Hill, but DUMBO, on Front Street near the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Never a wait, great vets and techs, very modern and up on the latest vaccine protocols and other innovations.

    Vinegar Hill Vets diagnosed and treated my dog’s chronic ear infections correctly after two other vets could not–turned out to be a secondary infection caused by allergies– which had previously cost me thousands of dollars and my dog discomfort.

    Thank you Dr. Neuman!


  • AEB

    Nelson, I had a very good experience–as have many others, I gather–with Dr. Maddox whose practice is:

    Cobble Hill Animal Clinic
    173 Court St
    (718) 834-1800.

    Word has it that Dr. Maddox is retiring; I’d call and check. He treated my diarrheic kitty with compassion and good sense, even providing me (my cat?) with medication gratis.

    Office is just a couple of blocks south of Atlantic.

  • AEB

    …I should add that the visit cost only $45!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe

    I have been wanting to vent for a couple of days. I was making gumbo the other night i went to 3 different super markets looking for frozen okra. Three! key food, gristides and as a last resort GoE. No okra to be found anywhere but I counted at least 22 different types of frozen broccoli. I can’t believe I live in NYC and i can’t find an ingredient my sister in NJ takes for granted at her local supermarket. It just puts me in a foul mood to have gumbo without okra and be reminded that I live in a neighborhood that is so myopic from a food pov.

  • GHB

    Joe, did you try Perelandra? I’m not sure if they carry it, but you’ve got a better chance there than you would at Gristedes.

  • Brooklynborn

    I wanted to know whether anybody else in the neighborhood has been having problems with their mail. I am at 68 Montague and I recently had a credit card disappear from my mail. It was activated and used by someone else. The replacement card aslo went missing. I had to have Amex mail the card to work. Just learned that someone else in my building had the same thing happen. I have contacted postal inspection.

  • AEB

    Brooklynborn, no problems of the kind you describe, but recently several pieces of mail addressed to tenants who no longer live in my building, and which I marked “Return to Sender” and placed conspicuously for the mailperson to see, have remained where I left them. For days.

    Am I missing something? Do carriers no longer take back mail for return? Do I have to drop them in a mailbox myself (which I’m willing to do, but….)?