Open Thread Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It was on this date in 2001 that Apple Computer introduced its iTunes music management software at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. (Likewise, in 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone.) So on this BHB Open Thread Wednesday for January 9, 2013, what’s got your gourd singing a happy song? Comment away! (Photo: CT)

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  • Peter

    Now that Hallmark is gone, where can you get a few helium balloons? And not the foil kind they have at CVS — plain ol’ balloons. Thanks!

  • north heights res

    Has anyone tried the new spa in Eastern Athletic? Curious about their threading and pedicures. Thanks.

  • lori

    Peter – Try the florist shop on Montague Street between Clinton and Henry for helium balloons.

  • lois

    northheightsres I have heard good things about the new spa at Eastern Athletic. On the other hand, I have not been satisfied with the threading place on Montague Street near Hicks (they moved there recently from across the street, but have not improved.)

  • Cranberry Beret

    Anyone know details about the new restaurant coming to 72 Henry St? The old drugstore and salon space under renovation. The permits say “SOCIALE”

  • Mr. Crusty

    Btw, has anybody noticed that those dire warnings of gridlock traffic as a result of the Barclay’s Arena have never materialized?

    I guess the naysayers were wrong about their opposition to the Arena (on those grounds at least). Let that be instructive when you hear other horror stories about the BBP or the conversion of the Bossert Hotel or the foot bridge to Pier 1 or any number of other changes that some people reflexively object to often with scare tactics of the horrors to come. They are often without merit.

  • James

    Sociale? Sounds like another place for Sunday gravy…

  • Arch Stanton

    Crusty, the traffic woes are not just about the Barclay’s Arena but the Atlantic Yards development as a whole. Thousands of housing units and offices have yet to be built. Only when the project is completed will we be able to assess its full impact on traffic.

  • Fun K. Queso

    Nose assault.

    Have you noticed the evolving stench in Gristedes? For some time the reek was limited to the imported cheese area, which was perfectly tolerable as humans’ olfactory systems have long regarded pungency as not just innocuous but in fact pleasing – this is understandable – I love cheese indiscriminately. However, as of late, the pong has matured and bullied its way to other areas of the grocery, including nostril battery upon the automatic-door entry. Am I alone? Please Smell it and Tell it.


    Monsieur Taleggio-Stilton-Limburger-Roquefort-Munster

  • Mr. Crusty

    Nice revisionist history Arch but the concern was that on game days the traffic on Atlantic Ave and in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights would be unbearable. Those were the claims. They were unfounded.

  • Gerry

    Swimming is a healer for the body and the mind.

    Regretfully we have no aquatics center here in downtown Brooklyn no 50 meter 15 foot deep pool that opens at 530am.

    For years I swam at Asphalt Green 92 Street and York Ave in Manhattan with my City of New York Parking Placard I could make the trip fast from Brooklyn Heights up the FDR Drive to the AG Pool most people could not do that.

    Now I swim early each morning at Hofstra University Swim Center at 5am there is NO traffic I am out of Brooklyn Heights via Pearl Street in DUMBO and on the pool deck within 45 minutes.

    I wish that we had a huge pool a state of the art aquatics center in downtown Brooklyn.

  • harumph

    @Crusty –
    Game day IS crazy bad traffic but doesn’t filter into Bklyn Hts other than the stand still on Atlantic for start and ending times. I made the mistake of taking a bus to Park Slope on a game night – It was terrible. And again on a concert night – the traffic was not moving. And I agree with Arch – the thought that the entire new development, not just Barclays, would cause traffic mayhem

  • HenryLoL

    The new restaurant on Henry is supposed to be Italian-inspired. it’s a vanity project being launched by the new owner of the building.

  • David on Middagh

    HenryLoL, that’s perfect! How many restaurants have gone under because they didn’t own their space?

  • Peter

    Anyone know why all the helicopters over the area from 11:30 to noon today?

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Peter, helicopters were over the Wall St pier this a.m. due to the ferry crash, possibly your helicopter is with the media coverage.

  • Gerry

    @ Peter and @ Hicks St. guy – right the choppers are due to the Ferry crash

  • Arch Stanton

    Crusty, Not “revisionist history” I dont have time to decimate your comment with dozens of examples so here is just one:

    Notice how it mentions the “Atlantic Yards”, not the Barclay’s Arena.

    Next time, try doing a little research before you comment.

  • Poplar

    Peter – I think Heights Kids has balloons.

  • JT

    Anywhere in the neighborhood my husband can go for a decent massage? Not the rub-and-tug type they offer at the place on Henry & Atlantic.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    @JT, the spa at Eastern Athletic.

  • Gerry

    @ Arch Stanton – most ALL of Mr. Crustys comments make no sense you need to skip over Crustys commnents I NEVER read comments by Mr. Crusty

  • Gerry

    @ JT – try the new Massage Envy the prices are great – i had a massage at the Mmassage Envy up in Westport, CT it was a great theraputic massage at a reasonable price

  • Wiley E.

    Even before the Arena was built, Flatbush and Atlantic Ave was a nightmare for vehicular traffic.

  • HenryLoL

    For massage — try the brand new Massage Envy that just opened in the hood. They have a good reputation.

  • God Almighty

    @ JT,
    Get real, your husband would prefer the place on Atlantic and Henry.

  • Massage No Envy

    Massage Envy is not so great. Feels like a strip mall/dr. office. Nothing spa-like about the place.

  • eg


    The house next door on Pierrepont street has a vastly overgrown
    evergreen hedge that juts about 3 feet over onto the sidewalk. It’s a condo brownstone and nobody seems to be in charge. It has been growing for over 25 years. Whenever I see an occupant and I point out the need to trim, I get brushed off.

    How to deal with this?

  • Mr. Crusty

    Arch you linked to a story from August of 2011 regarding the traffic problems due the construction at Atlantic Yards. That had NOTHING to do with my comment Einstein.

    I was of course referring to the many fears of gridlock traffic due to Nets games and or concerts as the below article references.

    “Prospect Heights residents bracing for a traffic onslaught of Barbra Streisand fans flocking to the Barclays Center dodged predications of total gridlock Thursday night.

    The Brooklyn-born crooner has an older fan base, with many from New Jersey and Connecticut who typically drive everywhere, leading to a new round of traffic fears.

    But aside from a few grumbling residents, the majority of people on the street near the arena were amazed by how the traffic was moving through Flatbush Ave. at its normal congested rate.

    “It isn’t as bad as we were scared of,” said area resident Adam Ross, 38.

    “It’s a non-issue,” added another resident, Lou Mintz as he walked to the concert with his mother.

    Scores of concert-goers got off packed subways at the Atlantic Avenue stop, and were immediately directed to the arena by MTA workers telling them, “Barbra Streisand concert this way.”

    Before the concert arena officials, community activists and residents were worried about a Carmageddon.

    “If they try to come to the arena by car they are going to find there’s not much parking and a lot of traffic,” said traffic expert “Gridlock Sam” Schwartz, who is working as a consultant for the Barclays Center.

    Officials encouraged concertgoers to take the nine subway lines, 11 bus routes and a Long Island Rail Road line that stop right by the arena.

    A handful of spots at the six private parking lots near the stadium were still available online for $10 to $24 several hours before concert was set to kick off.

    Many cautious residents left their cars in front of their homes since early Thursday to hold spots in front of their houses, worried about not being able to find parking later.

    “If I wanted to live in Times Square I would have bought a co-op near there. It’s unfair for those people who live here,” said Denise Schafferbaum, who lives on Bergen St.

    Many Jay-Z fans heeded their advice at a series of eight concerts opening christening the Barclays Center.

    But the majority of his younger followers live in the city and own MetroCards.

    “For Forest City Ratner this is the first traffic test,” said Peter Krashes of the Dean Street Block Association before the Streisand concert. “Jay-Z was a Brooklyn-oriented event. Almost everybody took mass transit.”

    Perhaps it is you that should do some research before you make a fool out of yourself

  • Jorale-man

    I’m curious if 2013 will be the year that a tenant finally moves into the empty storefronts on Joralemon & Clinton. Those have been sitting vacant forever. I still hold out a glimmer of hope it will be a grocery store one day.