Open Thread Wednesday 1/2/13

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • DIBS

  • Lori

    Best eggplant sub is at Defonte’s–eggplant with roast beef & mozzarella. Good eggplant pizza at Francesco’s on Henry St.

  • Andrew Porter

    MattEv, I use Quentin Travel, which while not local—they’re on Nostrand Avenue—employ Tina Levy, who used to work at Cadman Travel, where Signature Dental is now, on Pineapple Walk. Their phone number is 718-615-4030, their e-mail is

  • Claude Scales

    I’m not giving up on Almondine yet:

  • Homer Fink
  • bagel boy

    Crusty: I wish all of the Heights a HNY except you. Please croak. Please. Find another place to troll. I hope a rat jumps on your bench on the Promenade and then goes for you.

  • AmyinBH

    The first open wednesday post of 2013 has been very funny. Keep up the good work folks and this year will be full of chuckles.
    Happy New Year everyone (even the trolls).

  • stuart

    I think the baguettes from LPQ are fantastic. anyone who claims that they are not “Parisian” enough is full of it.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Oh bagel boy grow up. Perhaps someday we will all be proud to call you Bagel Man. Something to aspire to.

  • HenryLoL

    Travel agents are actually best for low- to mid-range travel. They get discounts on popular cruise lines, Disney, cheap safari in Africa, all-inclusive resorts, etc. Higher-end travel is best booked by looking around and just booking what looks great. Most travel agents dont even know the best hotels.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Cheers to NYC Dept of Sanitation for working overtime to pick up recycling after New Year’s and starting to pick up all the old Xmas trees lining the streets.

    Boo to pedestrians who think my recycling cans (on the curb only because I can’t rush them inside the instant the DOS trucks come by) are their personal trash receptacles. How lazy can you be not to use the public trash can literally 100 feet away at the corner?! No I don’t want your dog waste coming onto my property. No I don’t want to have to re-sort your trash because you committed the double sin of not just using my can but also putting your non-recyclable coffee garbage into my plastics bin. No I am not your super or your mother. (Rant over.)

  • Moni

    Good one, Mr. Crusty: bagel boy/man. yuk, yuk.

  • harumph

    Tom Cat Baguettes are sold, damn, now that I’m writing this I can’t remember, but it is either Key Food (shocking right?) or Lassen. They are actually pretty good – much better than Le Pain.

  • lori

    CranberryBeret – I agree. Anybody living in New York should know the blue and green cans are not for garbage or dog waste. I even had a super from the neighborhood drop his dog waste into my recycle can while I was standing in front of him – had to remind him where it went. Take a little time to be a good neighbor.

  • brooklynite

    @Rick- I also second Vinny’s on Smith St. The food is delicious and the portions are HUGE. You also might want to try House of PIzza & Calzone on Union between Hicks & Columbia. If you order on Friday or Saturday you should also get an order of zeppole…mmmmmm!!