Song Of The Season: Carolers Stroll Montague Street

Thursday evening, December 20, carolers made a joyful noise along Montague Street, singing Christmas songs and hymns as they ambled up the avenue… a lovely sound of the season.

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  • SGPCClub

    A more joyful noise would have been cash registers ringing. Caroling is Victorian era nonsense.

  • James

    I guess you don’t know the “reason for the season”…

  • Diane.

    Thanks Chuck and James,
    I was one of the Carolers and let it be known that the Firefighters appreciated it, the customers at Noodle Pudding who joined in the singing and also the many, many residents who came out of their homes to listen to some peaceful yet joyful ‘noise’. One young mother brought her infant out on the stoop just to join in the singing. SCGPClub it sounds like you need a hug.

  • David on Middagh

    I heard you guys when you paused in front of Tutt. Very nice!

  • km

    I heard you in front of the fire station – I loved it!

  • Sheila

    SGPCClub should check his music history. Caroling goes way back to 13-14th century. Not Victorian times.