Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 5 to Have Grand Opening Thursday

Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 5 and its uplands, which will include sports fields and a “picnic peninsula,” will have its grand opening in a ceremony to begin at 11:00 a.m. this Thursday, December 13. Rumor has it that Hizzonor himself will make an appearance.

All are invited, and refreshments will be served. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to the Brooklyn Bridge Park conservancy at (718) 802-0603.

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  • John

    Gerry is a gift to humanity y’all have him pegged incorrectly.

  • David on Middagh

    I’d recognize that gravatar and wonky punctuation anywhere.

  • Ellen09

    Stay classy, Brooklyn Heights. Do you realize how this looks to the rest of us?? A world class park opens to the public, replacing a decayed & rotten waterfront area and all you can do is bicker? Nobody wants to have Dinner with the Bickersons. Do something constructive with your time and energy for crying out loud. Go volunteer, help bring programming in that appeals to diverse groups. Anything – just stop being the caricature of Brooklyn Heights snobbery and the party of “No.”

  • Gerry

    @ Ellen – thank you for your wise words would you like to come to our Christmas Party? Yes you may bring a date.

  • gatornyc

    Gerry, being in a flood zone is a fact, it is not necessarily a problem as countless other buildings are also in flood zones. Unlike other buildings in flood zones, OBBP was not impacted in any respect by Hurricane Irene and it has dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy better than almost any other building similarly affected. You’ve heard of a 100 year flood, right? Well this was it (actually some in the insurance industry are calling it the 1000 year flood). The chances of two 100 year floods in proximity is exceedingly remote.

    Other than flood zone your contention that OBBP is troubled is supported by nothing more than the wildly inaccurate, defamatory posts that I mentioned earlier. OBBP is anything but troubled. It is quickly approaching sold out (more than 85% sold), units have been appreciating quickly, it has a great staff and management, etc. You may want it to be troubled, but that does not make it so.

    And David on Middagh is right. People have been and continue to be sued for their reckless, malicious and defamatory comments posted on message boards. You would be mindful of putting your OBBP vendetta aside (it’s clear you have one). Indeed, you are wrong, there are attorneys who would work for free when they have a personal interest in doing so.

  • Gerry

    @ gatornyc – it is NOT a good idea to live in a flood zone.

    You can bet he flood zone will make insurance for OBBP, and retail tenants next to impossible to get and to afford.

    That is when and if OBBP ever gets any retail tenants those spots remain vacant month after month year after year creating yet another problem for this building.

    Hurricane Sandy wiped out downtown Westport, CT. another flood zone ALL of the retail stores were destroyed by the Saugatuck River also the Westport, CT YMCA had hundreads of thousands of dollars in damage.

    It is not a good idea to live in a flood zone but if you like the recent flood at OBBP and the future floods to come and vacant retail space, sky high insurance rates, etc. then thats OK with us.

  • no_trouble

    gatornyc, good for you to defend OBBP. Flood or no flood, it is one of the most solid constructions in NYC and is home to a wonderful community. The way people came together after the flood and a fire was very touching and the staff worked around the clock and went beyond their call of duty to make everyone comfortable. And in spite all the difficulties residents organized themselves to help other sandy victims. No more troubled than the Fed or DTCC building or any important landmark in downtown manhattan. GERRY – check your facts.

  • Gerry

    @ no trouble – i had forgot about the fire at OBBP so you had a recent flood AND you had a fire NOT good things.